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Remote Desktop Protocol attacks surged by 241% in 2020

Due to remote-work, employees started using Microsoft’s client software called remote desktop protocol (RDP), which is used to access corporate resources remotely.  Cybercriminals immediately saw this as an opportunity to hack into the company’s systems.

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US and Russia account for 54% of global spam volume within last 180 days

Everyone that owns digital mailboxes has encountered annoying spam emails that show up unsolicited. But have you ever wondered where they come from?

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What can your car know about you?

Car data refers to the information about the vehicle and its use, drivers, and passengers. Although you might treat your late-night ride…

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What is splinternet? Internet fracturing explained

Splinternet refers to the prophecy about the internet gradually splitting into multiple and distinct entities. Dividing the global digital…

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37 billion data records leaked in 2020, a growth of 140% YOY

According to the data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team based on the 2020 Year End Data Breach QuickView Report by Risk Based Security, the number of leaked data records worldwide hit a whopping 37 billion in 2020. It is a 140% increase from 15 billion records in 2019.

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Do health apps put your personal data at risk?

Health apps have undeniable value in regards to helping people measure their vital signs. A simple push notification can alert you when to…

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UK's cybersecurity firms hit over $12 billion in 2020 revenue

Atlas VPN research team found that in the 2020 financial year, online security companies in the UK raked in nearly 8.88 billion GBP which is equivalent to 12.51 billion US dollars, a 7% increase from last year's 8.3 billion GBP (11.69 billion USD).

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Why do you see more CAPTCHA tests when using a VPN?

A CAPTCHA is a test we take online to prove we are humans as opposed to bots. The web confronts us with challenges to read blurry or…

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59% of Canadian organizations deployed VPNs to combat cyberattacks in 2020

Last year was challenging for organizations on many levels. Due to the global pandemic, many businesses were forced to close, while some shifted to remote work, which opened new opportunities for cybercriminals. This situation pressed organizations to look for new ways to improve their cybersecurity practices.

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