How to use VPN on iPhone devices (Guide and Tips)

Anton P. | August 30, 2023

Learning how to use VPN on iPhone is simple once you download a VPN app. It adds an extra layer of security, hides IP addresses and encrypts internet traffic. Also, some VPN services offer additional features or allow you to tailor VPN connections to your needs. 

Let’s discuss the instructions on how to use VPN on iPhone and other iOS devices. We help you configure a VPN or Virtual Private Network to your needs!{b}

Learn how to use VPN on iPhone devices easily.

Why get a VPN on iPhone

A VPN on iPhone is handy for keeping your internet activities more private and secure. Also, mobile devices are the most common devices connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at airports or coffee shops. 

In fact, there are many VPN benefits, and let’s list a few to help you get a better picture: 

  • A VPN enables you to get more privacy against your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and network managers. 
  • It also helps you mask your actual IP address. You can choose a VPN server, and the IP links to your selected location. 
  • A VPN protects you from unsafe HTTP websites as they do not implement necessary encryption. 
  • Since a VPN hides your location, finding better deals online tailored to particular locations is possible. 

Things to know about how to use VPN on iPhones 

Choosing the product best suited for your needs before you set up a VPN on your iOS is important. These tips can help you fish out the most optimal solution for your iPhone: 

  • Users should look for reviews about a specific product from multiple sources. 
  • Find out about the VPN’s performance, encryption protocols, and reliability overall. 
  • Free VPNs can be useful, but you must choose a trusted provider to avoid risks and fake products. 
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee helps you to test the product while still having the option to get your payment back. Shorted money-back guarantees also work!
  • A VPN should follow a no-logs policy, meaning that a VPN does not track or keep logs of your activities. 

Privacy is a BIG DEAL!


Also, you can keep a VPN on your iPhone active without breaks. Many VPN protocols are also ready to tackle network changes without any issues. Keeping a VPN active might not be ideal, likely due to possible speed loss or increased data use. 

Then, connect to VPN servers when you feel like additional protection. Such scenarios include joining unknown networks or wishing to keep certain activities more anonymous. 

Note that most VPNs protect users against unnecessary speed loss and increased mobile data use.

If a VPN checks these boxes, it is likely a worthwhile product. Now, let’s discuss how to use VPN on iPhones and other iOS devices. 

How to use VPN on iPhones

Most modern VPNs follow similar steps. So, while providing instructions on how to use Atlas VPN, this guide should also work for other products. 

  1. Install a VPN client on your device from its official website or App Store. 
  2. Open the app. Atlas VPN immediately presents you with a Privacy Notice. Read this document thoroughly and tap Accept & Continue
  3. Create an Atlas VPN account if you do not already have one. 
  4. Then, log in using your email. 
  5. Atlas VPN offers passwordless authentication, meaning you only need a magic link to your email. 
  6. Once logged into your account, you can use the free iPhone VPN version. 
  7. The free version offers several locations you can connect to immediately. 
  8. When connecting for the first time, you will likely need to add VPN configuration on your device. 
  9. If you wish to go premium, Atlas VPN offers multiple budget-friendly plans. 
  10. You can pay via multiple methods, including cryptocurrencies, for more anonymity. 

Activate a VPN via iPhone settings 

You can also activate a VPN client you already have via your iPhone settings. 

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone home screen. 
  2. Choose General
  3. Tap on VPN
  4. You can enable the VPN connection already present. 
  5. If you have used Atlas VPN before, you should notice Atlas VPN WireGuard.
  6. You can tap on Add VPN Configuration to add new ones. 

Other ways to customize your VPN experience 

A VPN offers multiple ways to adjust your connections. Here are some standard options: 

  • You can change VPN protocols used for tunneling traffic and establishing secure connections. Atlas VPN offers IKEv2/IPSec and WireGuard®. Do you not feel like choosing a protocol on your own? You can let the app decide which suits your traffic best. 
  • Users can enable killswitch, which protects your connection in case of connectivity issues. It prevents IP address leaks. 
  • You can activate auto-connect, so you won’t have to connect to servers manually. It means that the connection happens automatically as soon as the VPN app starts. 
  • A VPN can also offer features beyond its traditional functions. For instance, Atlas VPN offers additional services like Shield and Data Breach Monitor. 

Protect your mobile devices with a VPN

A VPN can be an excellent assistant while you browse the internet. It protects you on unknown networks and adds additional security while using your home connection. So, pick a solution that works for you and enjoy safer online activities!

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