How to use VPN on Xbox (Two Setup Guides)

Anton P. | August 30, 2023

The steps for how to use VPN on Xbox consoles differ from using it for computers or smartphones. Xbox does not natively support VPN apps, meaning you cannot install them directly. 

Instead, you need to connect your Xbox to VPN-protected computers, routers, or mobile hotspots. While it might seem challenging, our step-by-step instructions help you set up a VPN and connect your Xbox successfully. 

Let’s see the options for setting up Virtual Private Networks on your Xbox. 

Learn how to use VPN on Xbox consoles.

Why get a VPN on Xbox

A VPN on Xbox offers greater privacy for your activities. After all, consoles are not for playing video games only. Instead, they are entertainment hubs, letting you watch movies and use apps. 

Thus, a VPN connection can make these habits more secure and private. Besides such benefits, a VPN can make your life easier in the following ways: 

  • A VPN can deal with bandwidth throttling and improve internet speeds. 
  • It hides activities from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by encrypting internet traffic. 
  • VPN servers let you change your IP address and virtual location. Thus, you get to find better deals or connect to regional gaming servers. 

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How to pick a VPN service

Consider the following suggestions when choosing a VPN provider for your Xbox and other devices: 

  • Pay attention to the devices a VPN supports. In this case, native support for Xbox and other gaming consoles is unlikely. However, workarounds let you set up a more secure internet connection via other systems. 
  • If you find a free VPN provider, double-check whether it is a trusted service to avoid unnecessary risks
  • A VPN you pick should follow a no-logs policy to prevent the company from logging or tracking your activities. 
  • Read reviews from experts and users to see what you can expect from the VPN service. 
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is an advantage, letting you test the product before committing to it. 

How to use VPN on Xbox 

Several workarounds can help you protect your activities on Xbox devices. 

Connect Xbox to a VPN-protected router 

Follow these instructions after getting a VPN that provides instructions on how to use it on routers

  1. Open your router’s admin panel by typing in its IP address into a web browser. 
  2. Enter the required credentials in the router’s login page: you need a username and password. You should see these details on your router.
  3. After successful login, find the Control Panel or the network settings tab. Routers’ admin pages might be different. Thus, look for tabs named Network or Network/WAN Setup
  4. In the router’s network settings, provide the following information: a subnet mask, IP address, and VPN login details. A VPN service you have chosen should provide this information. However, not all VPN providers offer support for this method. 
  5. After following the steps provided by the VPN service, you can connect your Xbox to the VPN. 
  6. You can set up a VPN connection on your Xbox in two ways: via Ethernet cable or wireless network. 
  7. If possible, connect your Ethernet cable to the Xbox and you can use the device safely. 
  8. Also, you can open the Xbox Settings, select Network, and pick Set up wireless network. Then, choose your VPN-protected wireless network and connect. 

Connect Xbox to a VPN-protected mobile hotspot 

Another workaround is available when a VPN service does not allow you to install a VPN on your router. It means sharing a connection from a VPN-protected device. Then, you connect the unsupported device to the hotspot shared by the secured device. 

These instructions show you how to use a VPN on Xbox via a connection shared by a Windows computer. 

  1. Connect to a VPN server on your Windows device. Atlas VPN also recommends choosing the IKEv2/IPSec protocol. 
  2. For the best connection speed, consider VPN servers closer to you as a preference.
  3. Now, you can share your protected internet connection with other devices. 
  4. Enter Mobile hotspot in the Windows search and open the setting. 
  5. Toggle the Mobile hotspot switch to share your connection. Keep the network name and password in mind for later. 
  6. Open Network & Internet tab and scroll down to open Advanced network settings
  7. Click on More network adapter options
  8. Right-click on the Atlas VPN IKEv2 adapter option and choose Properties
  9. In the window, go to the Sharing section and tick the box to Allow other network users to connect
  10. Pick the mobile hotspot adapter from Network Connections in the Home network connection field.
  11. Click OK, and your Xbox should be able to detect and connect to the hotspot. 

Other tips for using VPN on Xbox 

Even if gaming consoles do not natively support VPN apps, you can still use a VPN on your Xbox. While the process includes more than connecting to a VPN server, you can protect your activities on Xbox. 

While Atlas VPN does not support routers, you can use it to create a secured mobile hotspot from supported devices!

Furthermore, you will be able to control your connection more effectively. After all, the VPN on router setup is much less flexible.

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