How to use VPN on FireStick/Fire TV and protect your viewing

Anton P. | September 08, 2023

Learn how to use VPN on FireStick or Fire TV to protect your activities on smart TVs. Nowadays, these devices are no longer strictly for watching movies or TV shows. 

You can install browsers and other third-party applications to enhance your experience. Like any other online activity, your habits via FireStick or Fire TV are there for the taking. For instance, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sees what you do online. 

ISPs can monetize their users’ data depending on your contract and location. Luckily, you can burst this tracking bubble to some extent. Why not start by setting up a VPN connection? 

Learn how to use VPN on FireStick easily.

Why use VPN on FireStick 

A VPN on FireStick or Fire TV is equally worthwhile as protecting a computer or smartphone. Your activities via these devices deserve more security and privacy. After all, they reveal your viewing habits and can extend further depending on usage. 

The main motivations for using a VPN on FireStick or Fire TV include the following: 

  • A VPN service gives you more privacy and security when going online. 
  • After connecting to VPN servers, you can hide your IP address and, in turn, your location.
  • You can hide your activities from your ISP, which might prevent it from throttling your internet speed. 
  • When traveling abroad, a VPN lets you watch films and shows you love from home.

Pick a VPN app first

We recommend following these guidelines when deciding which VPN service to get: 

  • Pick a VPN that offers support for the devices that you need. In this case, you need apps for FireStick and Fire TV. 
  • You need to install a VPN that ticks all the security and privacy boxes. It should use modern VPN protocols, encryption, and other appropriate security measures.
  • Remember to check reviews and feedback from experts in the field. They can provide insights into how a VPN works. 
  • User reviews are also a goldmine of information regarding what you can expect from a VPN. 
  • Look for a provider that follows a no-logs policy. It prevents the service from logging your information.
  • Additional security features are welcome additions to your experience. Thus, see if a product can offer protection beyond traditional security. 

Privacy is a BIG DEAL!


How to use a VPN on FireStick

Once you have picked a compatible VPN provider, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to get it working.

Atlas VPN works on FireStick and Fire TV. So, we use our app as an example of how to set up your VPN. They should work for most products on the market. 

  1. Head to the Amazon App Store and type in Atlas VPN in the search bar. 
  2. Open the Atlas VPN page on Amazon App Store.
  3. Click the Download button to start downloading the application. 
  4. If you do not have an Atlas VPN account, create it using your mobile or desktop device. 
  5. Note that while Atlas VPN offers free servers on smartphones and computers, they are not available on TV devices. 
  6. So, you need a premium subscription to use Atlas VPN on FireStick and Fire TV. 
  7. Launch the app on your TV after creating an Atlas VPN premium account and log in.
  8. Proceed with the presented steps, and soon enough, you will see Atlas VPN servers available!
  9. Connect to your preferred server and enjoy a safer internet connection. 

What if your VPN provider does not support FireStick and Fire TV devices?

If the VPN you currently use does not support FireStick or Fire TV devices, you have options to make it work. 

For instance, you can share a VPN-protected connection from a compatible device. A computer is usually the best for setting up hotspots. Then, you can connect your FireStick or Fire TV to the newly created network. 

Another option is installing a VPN on the router. However, you need to have a compatible router and VPN. 

Other tips for using a VPN

A FireStick VPN can be your best friend whenever you want more privacy for your activities. Depending on the product chosen, you can also customize your connection. For instance, Atlas VPN lets you change the VPN protocol used for your connection.

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