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"What is VPN" searches grow by 81% amid COVID-19 pandemic

According to data collected by Atlas VPN, the number of Google searches for "What is VPN" increased by 81% worldwide. The frequency of this query was growing steadily over the first three weeks of March.

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Why use a VPN?

The reasons why use a VPN are personal and a little different for everyone. But without a doubt, Virtual Private Networks are on the minds of web users.

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US to track Americans’ location

The world’s three billion-plus smartphones transmit the kind of data that US health officials want to access during the Covid-19 outbreak. They show where citizens are, where they’ve been, and who they might have talked.

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Google Registers a 350% Increase in Phishing Websites Amid Quarantine

According to data gathered and analyzed by Atlas VPN, the number of phishing websites spiked by 350% amid COVID-19 quarantine. As Google reports it, the number of registered phishing sites has been snowballing over the last three months.

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Why I would want to hide my IP address

These days, wanting to hide my IP address means wanting to protect my online identity. The truth is, not only social security numbers or driver’s license IDs identify us - an IP address is another string of numbers assigned to us.

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New PayPal scam leaves thousands of users victims

Simple faults in both PayPal and Facebook, make it feasible for hackers to carry out the scam that leaves victims without their funds. The fraud is stupidly simple to execute - without forcing or direct threatening, the victims send out the money voluntarily.

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Your SSN costs less than a Starbucks coffee on the dark web

According to the Atlas VPN investigation, Social Security number (SSN) costs as little as $4 on the darknet. Meaning, Venti latte at Starbucks costs 15 cents more than your SSN on the dark web. You might think that sensitive details such as SSNs or credit card details should be expensive.

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3 reasons why personal VPN is the best fit for you

Personal VPN, shared VPN, the VPN client, or VPN server - the virtual private network has a lot of different shapes. You can get overwhelmed distinguishing technologies and understanding which type is the optimal choice for you.

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More than 1,000 students suffer from hacker attacks daily

According to the data collected by Atlas VPN, cybercriminals started targeting the field of education and attacked users more than 356,000 times during the last academic year (2018-2019). Since textbooks are expensive, and writing essays is time-consuming, pupils search for illegal downloads. In 234,000 cases, downloaded essays had hidden malware.

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