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Meaning and purpose of QUIC protocol in networking

The QUIC protocol is an experimental option that one day might replace UDP and TCP. The digital world continually refines its internal…

PRIVACY | 4 min Read

Torrent and VPN: ultimate combo for secure downloads

Torrent and VPN is a surefire way to secure peer-to-peer sharing. In fact, torrenting remains one of the top VPN use cases today. And no…

PRIVACY | 4 min Read

Guide on how to stop email tracking

Email tracking indicates that by simply opening an email, we give up more privacy than expected. Isn’t it efficient to track the exact…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

This is how much top 7 music streaming services really pay artists

Music streaming services are now the largest source of revenue for recorded music. In 2019, music streaming accounts for $7.1 billion or 63.6% of all recorded music revenue, which reached $11.1 billion.

REPORTS | 4 min Read

Is hardware VPN an option for you?

A hardware VPN refers to physical objects that perform functions identical to its software counterpart. While less-known today, these…

PRIVACY | 5 min Read

Why targeted online ads are risky and intrusive

Online ads integration can be seamless or take a more direct, in-your-face approach. Nowadays, browsing would be incomplete without dozens…

PRIVACY | 5 min Read

Americans report 168k imposter scam cases amounting to $300m in losses YTD

According to data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN, the United States residents reported 168,818 imposter scam cases amounting to $299.9 million in losses in the first half of 2020.

REPORTS | 3 min Read

Learn how to delete Google Voice Search history

Okay, Google: delete Google voice search history. Instead of typing search queries, you might simply give Google a verbal command. However…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

How to find free Wi-Fi and stay safe

Most users are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi. The reason is simple: the hunt for public hotspots helps consumers save money on mobile…

HOW-TO | 5 min Read