Browse even faster with new 10Gbps servers

Ruth C. | February 13, 2023

We've just released another update to improve your internet experience. This time we're excited to introduce brand new 10Gbps servers for even faster speeds and more stability when browsing, streaming, downloading, or gaming with Atlas VPN. 

Browse even faster with new 10Gbps servers 1

Why 10Gbps servers matter

Servers are at the core of any VPN service. When you use a VPN, all your data travels via its selected server, which encrypts and decrypts it before your data reaches the internet. 

However, other VPN users can connect to the same server simultaneously. And if too many people connect to the server at the same time, it can get overloaded with traffic, and browsing speed can suffer as a result.

That's where 10Gbps servers come in. While our 1Gbps servers are up and running with no issues, to keep up with the growing user base and to prepare our infrastructure for the high-speed 5G technology, we've upgraded some of our most popular servers to 10Gbps. 

The newly introduced 10Gbps servers have more bandwidth, meaning they can transmit more data faster with less congestion. The less congested the servers are, the more stable and overall better speeds our users can enjoy.

What's more, we optimized Atlas VPN 10Gbps servers to maximize their speed for an even better online experience.

How can I take advantage of the 10Gbps servers?

For now, 10Gbps servers are available for the Amsterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom locations. In the future, however, we want to expand our 10Gbps network to cover as many locations as we can. 

To start using our 10Gbps servers, follow these three steps: 

Step 1. The 10Gbps servers are part of our Premium bundle. So firstly, you need to pick the subscription plan that fits your needs best. If you already have one, move on to the next step.

Step 2. Open the Atlas VPN app and scroll through the server list to find the Netherlands location.

Browse even faster with new 10Gbps servers 2

Step 3. Select the location, and then choose the Amsterdam server that has a 10Gbps server tag next to it.

Browse even faster with new 10Gbps servers 3

Step 4. That's it. You're now connected.

Browse even faster with new 10Gbps servers 4

Try our 10Gbps servers now and enjoy even faster, smoother, and overall better browsing!

Ultra-fast VPN servers around the world

Ultra-fast VPN servers around the world

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Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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