Netflix password sharing crackdown: what to know

Anton P. | February 06, 2023

Netflix password sharing refers to users’ habits of sharing their accounts with people living in different households. 

In 2022, Netflix slowly began exploring ways to stop users from sharing Netflix passwords. According to them, account sharing stands in the way of Netflix growth and improvements. 

See how Netflix plans to execute password sharing crackdown. Find out whether your account is safe from potential sharing fees or bans.

Netflix password sharing refers to people giving account access to others.

How Netflix detects password sharing 

Netflix examines IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices using one account to watch Netflix. 

Netflix password sharing is problematic if you give your account to people who do not live with you. However, family members living within the same household are free to share passwords. 

How Netflix plans to end password sharing 

Netflix password sharing is an area that the service sees as a venue for growth. Thus, the service has mentioned plans to make it harder for users to share accounts. 

The main techniques for stopping users from sharing Netflix passwords could include the following: 

  • Netflix will likely closely monitor information such as IP addresses and device IDs that connect to accounts
  • Netflix will likely regard one network as the home network and require regular sign-ups from there. 
  • Primary account holders might need to pay extra for users logging in from different households.
  • Devices watching Netflix from other locations might get blocked from accessing the service.

Netflix password sharing rules in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica

In 2023, Netflix accidentally updated every Help Center article containing information on password sharing. According to Netflix, it runs tests in Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile on new account sharing policies. 

However, policies that were only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru went live in other countries accidentally. The service quickly updated Netflix Help Center pages to feature correct information. 

The information that is only applicable in Latin America reveals a lot about ending Netflix password sharing. Here are the main insights on the Netflix password sharing crackdown: 

  • Netflix introduces the concept of primary location, a place associated with your home network. 
  • Users must log into their Netflix account via their primary location and network at least once every 31 days.
  • If an account is accessed persistently from devices in other locations, devices might get blocked.
  • Users that want to share a password with people outside their primary location need to add extra members
  • Subscribers of Standard and Premium plans can add members for less than the Basic plan. The extra fee is around $2.99 for sharing Netflix accounts with people from other households.
  • Users can request a temporary code to access Netflix for seven consecutive days when traveling. 
  • If your primary location changes, users can update it by using a TV in their new location. 

Is Netflix password sharing illegal? 

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has claimed Netflix password sharing is illegal as it violates copyright law. However, experts claim that the British police are unlikely to open cases of users sharing their passwords. 

Overall, Netflix password sharing is a violation of Netflix policies. While it has not introduced directed techniques against account owners’ password sharing, it plans to monetize it. 

Paid sharing is a very likely scenario in 2023. For instance, paid sharing could require users to pay fees for every user outside their household. Users who violate Netflix password sharing policies could face account deletion or deactivation. 

Netflix password sharing can be unsafe

Netflix password sharing could trigger certain security risks for your account. For instance, passwords are sensitive information that users should keep secret. Thus, sharing your password could expose you to more opportunities for the password to leak and be sold on the dark web.

So, the household members using the same password should store it securely. For instance, do not share passwords via instant messaging applications. A more secure option is sharing passwords through password managers.

Netflix password sharing policies are not global yet

The new rules for Netflix password sharing might only apply in Latin America for now. However, we might see new conditions roll out in other countries as well. 

The current test reveals many details of what approach Netflix will take globally. Experts predict some changes to begin sometime in 2023.

You might also start preparing for stricter password-sharing guidelines to enjoy uninterrupted Netflix content. 

More tips for enjoying Netflix 

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