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Netflix Party to combat Covid-19 social isolation

Everyone knows, the need to socialize is a significant part of human nature. The Covid-19 infection led many people to stay indoors isolating themselves to stop it from spreading.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Download VPN to take care of your online life

2019 was the landmark for online privacy in many ways - people felt a huge lack of control over their personal information. 2020 is the year when it’s time to download VPN and take digital privacy into your own hands.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

Skin sensing technology to beat Face ID security

In 2017, Apple introduced a revolutionary feature that set a new secure access standard - Face ID. Yet, the superior functionality has its flaws and is not one hundred percent foolproof.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

The real VPN meaning

The era of VPN technologies started in early 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed a peer-to-peer tunneling protocol (PPTP). The protocol functioned only as a precursor to the VPNs we have today, yet, the VPN meaning remained the same - to provide a private connection between a device and the world wide web. Originally, VPN came to life for big organizations to secure their communications and remote file-sharing.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Premium subscriptions to fight misinformation about Coronavirus

The latest news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly. Sadly, that is not the case for all countries.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

New Mexico Attorney General sues Google for spying on school kids

Google is yet to face a new lawsuit ordered by the state of New Mexico. The Attorney General Hector Balderas claims that the company invades the privacy of students who use the G Suite Education platform on Chromebooks.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Everything about VPN

What’s a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an important privacy and security tool that provides a vast number of advantages to those who use it. In most cases, VPN is a software-based technology.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Google cracks down on location tracking apps

Google is putting a real effort into improving Android’s privacy. The company is placing new restrictions on Android applications that track users’ locations in the background.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

China VPN regulations: everything you need to know

China VPN users are confronting a real battle to overcome the Great Firewall. The world’s most extensive censorship system leaves over 1 billion citizens with a highly restricted internet.

PRIVACY | 4 min Read