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Australians have lost nearly $90 million to scams in 2020

According to data analyzed by the Atlas VPN research team, Australians have reported 99,321 scam events since the beginning of the year, resulting in$89.6 million in losses.Notably, $3.3 million were lost to coronavirus-related frauds.

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Persistent war on cybercrime and its trends

Cybercrime is a long-term partner of the internet. The relationship is complicated, with frequent disputes, glass shattering, and seldom…

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82% of IT leaders plan to adopt 5G in the next 6 – 12 months

According to data acquired Atlas VPN investigation, 82% of IT leaders across different industries plan to implement a 5G connection in the next 6 - 12 months.

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Fake apps: what you see is not what you get

Apps are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions that make our lives easier and more convenient. The widespread “there’s an app for that…

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Data leaks surge almost 500% at 27 billion amid pandemic

Data breaches exposing millions of personal records are becoming the new normal. Data leaks reached an all-time high, rising by 492% to a record 27 billion in the first half of 2020.

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Is VPN passthrough still relevant?

A VPN passthrough is an obscure component of routers that gets overlooked due to its passive performance. Despite its silent operation, it…

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8 common VPN myths you should stop believing

VPN myths, or the common misconceptions regarding VPNs, circulate all around. This technology is dynamic, and its rapid evolution can seem…

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Faulty video doorbells compromise home security

Video doorbells refine homes by remotely monitoring the entrance and alerting owners of potential intruders. Security advocates speak…

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US military personnel lost over $379 million to scams in the last 5 years

According to Atlas VPN investigation, US Military personnel lost $379.6 million to various scams from 2015 through June 30, 2020. Military consumers made more than 680,000 reports about fraud, identity theft, or other consumer issues to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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