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VPN reviews: guidelines to follow

Looking through a bunch of VPN reviews to decide which provider suits your personal requirements can be a real challenge. The selection is wide.

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The cookie-pocalypse of Chrome

Starting from February 5, the newest Google Chrome 80 browser version is available to download on all major platforms. Along with numerous additions and security fixes, the release comes with one significant change to how the browser operates.

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UK VPN users fight against UK Privacy law

If you are already a UK VPN user, perhaps you know the exact reasons why you need to secure your online communications. Either to hide your footprints while browsing the internet or to enjoy some shows that are blocked in your region - VPN ([Virtual Private Network]({b}) is the preferred solution many internet users rely upon.

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Facebook unveils its data privacy controls for users worldwide

In the wake of data breaches and [scandals]({b}, Facebook is determined to give people privacy controls. “The future is private,” Mark Zuckerberg once told the crowd.

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VPN browser extension vs. application: which is right for you?

VPN browser extension or VPN application - how to choose the right one? Virtual Private Network (VPN in short) is a cybersecurity tool which adds an important privacy layer to your life online. To establish a secure connection, you can pick either of them - today’s article will help decide which is more suited for you.

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Internet throttling: why fast VPN should be your best friend

A fast VPN can be your way to gear up and get reliable speeds back. With more and more Internet Service Providers throttling your bandwidth, what’s a poor online gamer, show binger or movie addict to do? The USA already became a harsh battleground for looking to save Obama-era net neutrality rules.

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Limited Internet restored in Kashmir – netizens turn to VPNs

After blocking the service for nearly six months, the authorities of India partially restored Internet access in the Kashmir Valley. So far, it is the most prolonged Internet shutdown in the world.

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VPN app: should you pay for it?

There’s a common saying about free services: if you don’t pay for the product, you are the product. VPN app services are no exception – many people follow this rule when choosing their VPN.

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Using WhatsApp? New hijacking scam to be aware of

WhatsApp has encountered a difficult 2019 on the security front. Facebook-owned messaging platform disclosed 12 security flaws, including 7 classified as “critical”, according to the US National Vulnerabilities Database.

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