Independent audit verifies the security of our Windows app

Ruth C. | December 05, 2022

As a cybersecurity company, we put our users’ online safety and privacy first. So we not only periodically test our software internally but also invite independent security experts to assess our service. 

This year our Windows application went through an independent review by global cybersecurity experts from MDSec, where they looked for vulnerabilities that could leave it susceptible to compromise.

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The audit took place in July of 2022 and focused on the 2.4.4 version of the Windows application, while the retest was conducted on November 3rd. Yet again, we’re pleased with the results and are happy to announce that thorough research did not detect any high or critical category issues within the app. We’ve since implemented all the recommendations provided by the auditor, as confirmed in a retest by MDSec.

Why independent audits matter

We see independent assessments of our service as an important part of helping us deliver the security and privacy our users expect and as a way to build trust. Third-party audits help verify the accuracy of our claims regarding our product and therefore assist our users in making an informed decision. 

Windows application audit is already our second independent security review, as in 2021, Atlas VPN iOS app underwent a security assessment by third-party cybersecurity experts from VerSprite. However, we don’t plan to stop here and expect to complete more independent assessments of our service in the future.

Browse safely & anonymously with a VPN

Browse safely & anonymously with a VPN

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Ruth C.

Ruth C.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. Interested in cybercrime, online security, and privacy-related topics.


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