What’s new: Atlas VPN’s Q3 2023 update

William S. | October 16, 2023

We’ve been hard at work, making your digital life easier. Here’s the inside scoop on the new updates we released in the third quarter.

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Meet Shield

Say bye to SafeBrowse and give a warm welcome to Shield! This well-loved feature was redesigned, making it even more convenient to monitor third-party trackers that follow you online and collect insights about your activities. 

Now, Shield provides detailed information on all the sneaky trackers it stops. You can see the number of blocked trackers during your ongoing VPN session and check the daily average and an all-time count, so you know just how hard Shield is working. 

shield premium on

For a deeper dive, explore the “Threats history” section, where you can discover the specific trackers that tried to follow you but were kept in their tracks by Shield.

You can already experience Shield on Windows and Android, with macOS and iOS versions coming soon. 

More user experience improvements

Every now and then, some servers might undergo temporary maintenance. To keep you in the know, we introduced under-maintenance server notifications on Windows and Android in addition to our existing notifications for iOS and macOS apps.

We also hope our Android users are enjoying the new server list design. iOS users got this makeover in the second quarter, and now Android is looking good, too. It’s all about making finding and connecting to your favorite servers more convenient. 

New updates coming your way

While Q3 was all about buffing up our existing apps, we’ve also been working on making Atlas VPN available on ever more platforms. Stay tuned for exciting new releases in Q4!

Get all benefits VPN can provide

Get all benefits VPN can provide

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