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Malware disguised as meeting apps spiked by 1,067% in 12 months

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of people to move their work to their homes, which meant an unprecedented increase in online meeting application usage. Criminals did not overlook this fact and started to distribute malware using popular meeting applications as a lure.

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Government most hit by ransomware attacks in 2020 followed by Banking

According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, the government sector was the most affected by ransomware attacks in 2020, followed by Banking. In total, 50% of last year's ransomware attacks were directed at these industries among the top 10 most-targeted sectors.

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Should you respond to hackers’ threats or ransom demands?

Ever felt the uncontrollable fear triggered by intense scare tactics hackers employ? Hopefully, not. Criminals can play deranged games with…

PRIVACY | 5 min Read

Should you ditch Google for DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine that has managed to leave its mark in the digital world. Its mission is to serve search results…

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Government documents and benefits fraud surged 45 times in 2020

Recent findings by Atlas VPN reveal that government documents or benefits fraud jumped 45 times in 2020. Most states have experienced a dramatic surge in fraudulent unemployment benefits claims filed by organized crime rings using stolen identities.

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How to reduce and control your digital footprint?

A digital footprint refers to data we leave behind after going online. On the surface level, it covers all the details we submit or disclose…

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How to create a free anonymous email account?

A free anonymous email account might be the answer if you want to dissociate your email correspondence from your identity. Thus, it means…

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Microsoft and Zoom most impersonated brands at 80% in 2020 phishing attempts

It is no secret that cybercriminals often pretend to be someone they are not to lure out people's money or valuable information, and what can be better than a well-known and trusted brand?

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Intrusive bossware and how it monitors remote workers

Bossware refers to software that employers use to measure just how productive their teams are. Such employee-monitoring solutions differ…

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Nearly one-fifth of CEOs see cybersecurity as the biggest threat to organizations' growth

Few events in the recent decades have impacted how we go about our daily lives or conduct business as much as Covid-19. When the global pandemic hit last year, many were forced to shift to remote work or transfer their business online, bringing about a wave of challenges.

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Elderly people lost nearly $1 billion to Internet crime in 2020

According to Atlas VPN findings, Americans over 60 years old lost a staggering $966 million to various types of internet scams in 2020. Cybercriminals target victims over the age of 60 because they are believed to have significant financial resources.

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