UK VPN users fight against UK Privacy law

Ruth C. | February 13, 2020

If you are already a UK VPN user, perhaps you know the exact reasons why you need to secure your online communications. Either to hide your footprints while browsing the internet or to enjoy some shows that are blocked in your region - VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the preferred solution many internet users rely upon.

UK VPN and Privacy Laws

In case you wonder if it’s legal to use a VPN in the UK, the answer is a strong yes. There is no legislation that wouldn’t allow using one. However, there’s a UK’s law, otherwise known as the Snooper’s Charter. It allows governmental institutions to legally spy on your online activities.

In November 2016, the UK Parliament and the Royal Assent approved the Investigatory Powers Act. The UK authorities already had the power to spy on its citizens. This act gives them even more power and allows them to operate under the law. The confirmation of this act meant a legitimate end of online privacy for UK residents.

In brief, the Investigatory Powers Act legally allows tracking any UK citizen’s online activities. Monitoring of innocent people, hacking of devices, and sharing collected online data with 3rd parties. Internet Service Providers are required to store users’ browsing records for one year and to provide the data at the behest of law enforcement whenever inquired. UK law enforcement agencies can intercept citizens’ traffic and collect internet data without any warrant. Intelligence agencies can break into citizens’ devices to collect data as long as it is in the interest of national security. No ISP in the UK is allowed to provide any information to its subscribers associated with any investigations of their activities online. Tim Berners-Lee (the creator of the World Wide Web) had this to say:

“This snooper’s charter has no place in a modern democracy – it undermines our fundamental rights online. The bulk collection of everyone’s internet browsing data is disproportionate, creates a security nightmare for the ISPs who must store the data – and rides roughshod over our right to privacy.”

Dear resident of England, get a VPN !

If you are one of the remaining few who just learned about the Investigatory Powers Act, or even if you already knew about it - with no doubts, you should adjoin the UK VPN users. Even with the law in place, you have a way to prevent authorities from tracing and intercepting your browsing habits.

A Virtual Private Network keeps your online activities secure by encrypting your data through a private VPN tunnel. Once you connect to UK VPN, any requests you sent over the internet are being redirected through a remote VPN server. With tunneling technology and encryption, VPNs enable secure transfer of data over the Internet. Your activities online can no longer be viewed by anyone, not even government surveillance.

Fast & Free UK VPN ? Here you go.

It is important to note that you should exercise caution when choosing a UK VPN provider. Googling “Best UK VPN” might not be enough, and you should straightly check the VPN provider’s logging policy. You should pick up a VPN that won’t collect, stamp, nor trace your actions online. In the end, what’s the difference between ISP or VPN collecting the data?

Luckily, you’ve already come to the right place. Need free VPN to hide your UK IP address? Atlas VPN is ready for you. Strict no-logs policy, high speed, unlimited bandwidth - all this completely for free. Grab yourself UK VPN for free and finally take the digital privacy into your own hands.

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. Interested in cybercrime, online security, and privacy-related topics.



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