Starlink slow internet: how to fix slow Starlink speed

Anton P. | November 27, 2023

Starlink slow internet speed can occur for various reasons. The issue might relate to your home network, like too many devices connecting simultaneously. However, network congestion can also be the culprit since more users sign up for Starlink services. 

Whichever the cause of your Starlink slow internet connection, you can go through multiple steps to fix the issue. We explain the most common solutions that assist in restoring high-speed internet connections. Furthermore, we present deeper problems that require contacting Starlink customer support. 

See how to fix Starlink slow internet speed.

Why is Starlink so slow? 

Starlink slow internet connection can happen for any of the following reasons: 

  • Faulty or outdated equipment could not support a fast internet connection for all your devices. 
  • Network congestion could mean the Internet Service Provider (ISP) slows down speeds during peak times. For instance, evenings and weekends could bring more users connecting to the internet. 
  • Your router placement can also trigger slower speeds. For instance, try to keep your router in an open space, uncovered by other objects. 
  • Wi-Fi piggybacking can also lead to additional devices connecting to your Starlink internet. 
  • Your Starlink plan may not support some of the activities you wish to perform. 
  • Malware in devices can also consume some bandwidth, leaving less for your devices. 
  • Bandwidth-heavy actions like peer-to-peer sharing can also negatively affect your Starlink speed. 

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Fix the Starlink slow internet issue quickly 

Starlink's slow internet issue can be managed through a series of recommendations. Try the following changes to help your devices get online without experiencing slowdowns. 

  • Check your router since you might need to update or reset it. However, buying a more modern router can also help you get better services. 
  • Update your router software to the latest version. Also, update your device OS as well. 
  • Clear your router cache to help it work faster. 
  • You might need to relocate your router closer to your main devices (and in an open space). 
  • Change your Wi-Fi network password to prevent unwanted users from joining your network. 
  • Disconnect devices that you do not need to reduce the number of connections. 
  • Run internet speed tests at different times of the day. It might help you see if your slow Starlink speed might relate to peak time management. 
  • Use the Starlink app to find out whether you experience any obstructions. 
  • Using Ethernet cables also works better than Wi-Fi connections.
  • Wi-Fi connections are susceptible to interference from other devices. Thus, try to reduce them or switch to a different band. 
  • If none of these tips help, contact Starlink customer support about your issue. They will offer other solutions and offer assistance. 
  • Create Wi-Fi networks for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. 

Could Starlink throttle or interfere with your traffic? 

Most ISPs like Starlink make reasonable efforts to maintain the best speeds for all their clients. In some cases, that might mean reducing speed to support more connecting users. 

However, customers in the UK claim that they experience speed throttling anytime they wish to download large files. For instance, the accusations state that users get capped at around 50 Mbit/sec. 

While Starlink has the right to manage the networks to meet user demand, UK customers claim throttling occurs regardless of the time of day. Thus, it allegedly suggests that Starlink reduces speed for a specific activity (downloading large files). 

Nonetheless, Starlink customers' comments still need to be verified and would require users to file complaints. 

How a VPN protects your network and speed

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) app can protect your network from various threats and interruptions. However, connect to VPN servers closer to your location to get the best speeds possible. 

Additionally, a VPN can encrypt internet traffic, making it difficult to see what you do online. Thus, it can help against throttling efforts based on particular activities.

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