Netflix Party to combat Covid-19 social isolation

Anton P. | March 23, 2020

Everyone knows, the need to socialize is a significant part of human nature. The Covid-19 infection led many people to stay indoors isolating themselves to stop it from spreading. While the world practices social distancing, it’s vital to fill that void. Luckily, there’s an easy way to feel connected with your friends and family without having to be in the same room.

No need to cancel the movie night

In-person hangouts are no longer possible for millions around the globe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But thanks to a handy little browser add-on named Netflix Party, social isolation gets far more comfortable to live through. It works as a common streaming platform, but with the virtual chat room, which lets you engage with friends and watch movies together in real-time. It functions similarly to other online ‘party’ features found in multiplayer gaming services like PlayStation, in which a group of users enjoy the same real-time entertainment.

Netflix Party allows you to binge through the movies by synchronizing viewing activity with other connected accounts. For instance, if one person stops the film, it automatically freezes on everyone else’s screen - no more spoiler alerts! Also, the add-on comes with a message bar, so you can comment, react, and keep up with special moments of the show. It lets you share screenshots, emojis, and GIFs to add a little flavor to your conversation. Also, each viewer can personalize their avatar with a nickname and a unique icon, which makes it easier to decipher who is writing in the chat.

Gaining renewed attention

Netflix Party has existed for several years already. But the extension is now getting hugely renewed attention amidst the worldwide pandemic outbreak. With social distancing forcing friends or families to stay indoors and avoid large groups, tools like Netflix Party helps to create a sense of community even when you’re apart. Due to the growing use, developers updated the extension with more servers and made it accessible all around the globe. Before now, the add-on worked in the U.S. territory only.

How to start your group movie night

Netflix Party currently works with Google Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers. So, before the movie night begins, make sure that you and your buddies have all the proper setup!

  1. Navigate to using Google Chrome as your internet browser. Choose the “Install Netflix Party” or “Get Netflix Party for free!”.
  2. The website will transfer you to Google Chrome’s web store. Choose “Add to Chrome” to download the extension.
  3. Once you click, the small “NP” icon will appear to the right of your navigation bar. The icon will be displayed in grey if the current webpage is not compatible with Netflix Party.
  4. Navigate to and choose any movie or show you want to watch. The NP icon will appear red, meaning that you can use it.
  5. Click on the red NP icon, choose if you want to be in charge of pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding by checking the “Only I have control” box. Or you can leave it unchecked, so everyone could navigate through these settings.
  6. Hit “Start the party,” and you will receive a URL linking to your private Netflix Party.
  7. Send the URL to your cherished people and invite them to enjoy the movie together. Friends only need to log-in to their Netflix accounts and download the Netflix Party extension onto their Chrome browsers.
Anton P.

Anton P.

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