How to connect to Walmart WiFi safely

Anton P. | June 09, 2023

Walmart WiFi helps customers go online inside Walmart stores and save money on cellular data. It is a boost for businesses and an attraction for shoppers. Learn how to connect, possible issues, and ways to protect your connection further.

  • Walmart WiFi is available for free in all stores.
  • Walmart internet does not require log in or receipt. 
  • Atlas VPN protects data on public WiFi!

How to connect to Walmart WiFi.

Does Walmart have WiFi? 

Walmart WiFi is free to all customers, guests, employees, and tenants. It is an unlimited WiFi hotspot: Walmart does not set time limits for usage. 

Walmart internet does not require login, passwords, or WiFi promo codes. However, you do need to read WiFI terms of use and agree to follow them.

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How to connect to Walmart WiFi? 

Joining Walmart WiFi is quick, as you do not need to go through the WiFi login page.

  1. Turn on wireless connection

Check the wireless connectivity setting is active on your device. Remember to enable a VPN to protect data on public WiFi. 

  1. Find Walmart WiFi at your location

Look for SSID Walmart WiFi among networks available near you. 

  1. Connect to Walmart WiFi

Then, connect to the network and start browsing!

Tips for using Walmart WiFi

Unlimited WiFi hotspots at Walmart are helpful while shopping. However, they might not be available, or the performance could struggle to load websites. 

How to find Walmart internet hotspots? 

You should be able to connect to Walmart WiFi in any part of the store. It is best to remember that connectivity likely will not be available in parking lots. 

How fast is Walmart internet? 

Walmart does not indicate the speeds of its networks. However, users have reported poor speeds in many stores. For instance, metal roofs and other constructions might make it more difficult to have strong internet signals.

How to fix Walmart WiFi connectivity issues?

If Walmart WiFi is not working, you should try to reconnect to the network. Technical issues could make the network unavailable. Also, you might be out of range of the WiFi routers at Walmart.

Benefits of connecting to public WiFi with a VPN

Walmart uses reasonable security measures to make its WiFi secure. You are welcome to add more protections for a more guarded experience. 

Encrypt internet traffic 

Internet traffic encryption and rerouting make attacks like deauthentication or MitM less likely to bother you. Also, you remain safe even if you accidentally visit HTTP websites.

Stay in control of your browsing 

By hooking your activities to a secure VPN server, you ensure no one can tamper with your internet traffic. That refers to the possibility of third parties intercepting your connection and redirecting you to untrustworthy websites.  

Hide your activities from network monitoring

Walmart explains that it receives particular information about communications and content users engage, send, or receive. It could proactively monitor activities. Thus, use a VPN to get more privacy when browsing the web.

Protection for personal details

Walmart WiFi is a well-known network that you should relatively trust. However, adding encryption for passwords or other private information traversing helps prevent many unpleasant situations. 

Staying safe when joining unknown networks

A VPN protects your activities even if you accidentally connect to fake hotspots. Thus, suspicious network managers have fewer chances of sniffing traffic or exposing you to unwanted content. 

More comfort and convenience with a VPN 

Walmart internet hotspots are likely to be less secure than your home network. In addition, a VPN can assist you in other useful ways. 

Tackling online tracking 

A VPN puts your online activities in a secure tunnel, covering them from outsiders. So, use it to hide your browsing activities and keep ISPs out of your private habits. It is a universal privacy tool that can assist your digital journey daily.  

VPN perks at home and abroad

Whether you join local Walmart WiFi or use a complimentary internet service at a hotel, a VPN can help. Additional features like SafeBrowse or Data Breach Monitor only sweeten your experience!

Conceal your IP address

A VPN changes your IP address, a detail that all web entities get to collect. Thus, your browsing is no longer associated with this identifier. Instead, you get to blend in with hundreds or thousands of people connecting to the same VPN servers. 

Safe browsing on supermarket WiFi

Find out how to safely use free WiFi in other supermarkets during your shopping!

Safer Walmart WiFi 

Atlas VPN protects you online on every network you use. Protect your data and personal details now!

Browse safely & anonymously with a VPN

Browse safely & anonymously with a VPN

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