Employee Spotlight: HR Business Partner Aistė Savičienė

William S. | July 04, 2023

Welcome to another edition of our Employee Spotlight interview series. Today, we are delighted to interview Aistė Savičienė, the Human Resources Business Partner at Atlas VPN.

Here we will delve into Aistė's journey to Atlas VPN and explore our initiatives and programs to support employee learning and career advancement. Additionally, you’ll discover her expert advice on standing out from the crowd and making a lasting impression in the hiring process.

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Can you tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming the Human Resources Business Partner at Atlas VPN?

During my studies in psychology, I developed a strong interest in business psychology and realized I wanted to pursue a career in the HR field. I consider myself fortunate that my passion led me to where I am today, as I still thoroughly enjoy the work and see numerous growth opportunities. 

I started my career as a recruiter and HR manager in an agency where I worked with different clients. I got an opportunity to see both — recruitment and internal HR processes. Afterward, I worked as a Talent Acquisition Lead, where I had a chance to share my recruitment knowledge with my team, got experience in people management, guided hiring managers, and worked on recruitment strategy, analysis, and other projects. 

I genuinely enjoy working with people while also considering the overall picture of the company, its goals, and how each individual can contribute to its success. As far as I remember, I always tried to look at processes from a business perspective. All of these are the reasons why I got where I am today — working as an HR BP at Atlas VPN. 

If you could describe the atmosphere at Atlas VPN in three words, what would it be?

Open, motivating, and friendly. 

People at Atlas VPN are open-minded, fostering an environment where new ideas are welcome. The high motivation and drive for results also inspire me to work harder, and the friendly and caring nature of the people creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

What initiatives or programs does Atlas VPN have to support employee learning and career advancement?

We have a mentorship program within the group open twice a year, so everyone interested can find a mentor and gain valuable knowledge from them. We also have many internal courses and workshops covering soft and hard skills, catering to individual and team-oriented development. We have online platforms accessible for everyone who wants to learn individually.

Employees also have access to a library and order books of their interest (work-related). Additionally, we can cooperate with other teams from different companies within the group.

What are some key factors that contribute to long-term job satisfaction and fulfillment?

For me, it’s the people I work with and the challenges I face at work. It also depends on the attitude and how you see the challenges, and I tend to always be on the positive side while going through changes. I love seeing the bigger picture and how one change can contribute to the whole company’s success. 

What are some of the most common challenges job seekers face during interviews?

Not being open with hiring companies and themselves may lead to a bad hire (both ways). Not being able to answer concisely but starting the answer from ancient history and coming to the interview unprepared. Everyone applying for some position should prepare for the process and do some homework. 

Research the company, check the social media, blog, website, product, and core values. Know what you are looking for and what you can offer that both sides could benefit from. Prepare your answers to the most common questions before the interview, and ask yourself what is important for you.

All of the steps are really important. They also eliminate some stress during the process, and there are fewer chances that you’ll join a company that can’t offer what you are looking for or doesn’t match your core values. 

What would you recommend job seekers do to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression during the hiring process?

Be honest with yourself and the hiring company. Do your homework and enjoy the process.

I have this saying that I genuinely believe in — “Hire People, not CVs.” While experience and knowledge are usually a must, soft skills, values, and attitude are just as necessary and usually the deciding factor whether you will be hired or not. 

What have you learned from your failures at work?

Common sense is not common at all — communication is key.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Enjoy the process. The load of the work is always there, never wait for a better and easier day, just enjoy the process and do your best.

What's your favorite way to blow off steam after a busy day at the office?

I love walking a lot, it clears my mind and brings my energy back.

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