What makes CenturyLink internet slow, and how to fix it?

Anton P. | November 21, 2023

CenturyLink internet slow connection can have a host of possible causes. Like with any internet service, too many connected devices or hardware issues can reduce internet speed.

Solutions include disconnecting unnecessary machines and updating your software. You will find more usual suspects slowing down your CenturyLink internet connection below. Additionally, see if any of the provided fixes will solve your problem.

A few causes could make CenturyLink internet slow. There are things you can try to fix these issues.

Why is your CenturyLink internet slow? Potential issues

Here is the list of common problems that can make CenturyLink internet slow.

  • Outdated or damaged hardware. This can be either the connected device, the router, or the cable if you are using a wired connection.

  • Outdated or infected software. You might use a legacy version of your browser or operating system. Additionally, a computer virus might infect it.

  • Other devices are using up the bandwidth. If your CenturyLink internet plan is limited, multiple connected devices might clog the bandwidth. 

  • Outsiders connecting to your network could make your CenturyLink internet slow. Piggybackers use your Wi-Fi without permission and consume the bandwidth.

  • Do your Wi-Fi bars show the signal strength to be weak? If so, your router might be too far away from the device or blocked by other objects.

  • Programs running or downloading something in the background might result in slow internet speeds. Additionally, temporary data in your browser cache will reduce the browser's performance.

  • Your organization’s security systems might be slowing down the traffic. Firewalls and other traffic filters malfunctioning or simply experiencing peak traffic might slow down your connection.

  • In peak times, simultaneous connections from many clients of this ISP might make CenturyLink internet slow.

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Solving the CenturyLink internet slow connection issues

The problems that potentially make your CenturyLink internet connection slow have the following solutions you can try:

  • Check your hardware for visible damage. You can also try restoring your modem settings to default.
  • Update your operating system and applications to their latest version. Scan your device for malware.
  • Check your connection status. If the signal is weak, see if you can relocate the router to be closer to your device or vice versa.
  • Disconnect unnecessary devices, shut down background programs, and clear cache. Freeing up computer memory might increase internet speed. Use a VPN to protect your network from outside threats that might, among other things, slow down your connection.
  • If you suspect piggybacking, change your network password to stop unauthorized connections.
  • Contact your network administrator or organization’s IT department. Check with them if the security system could cause CenturyLink internet slow performance issues. Ask for possible solutions.
  • Run a speed test to check at what time your internet slows down. High peak-time usage might be making CenturyLink internet slow. In this case, consider contacting the ISP to see what they can offer.

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, consider consulting an IT professional either at CenturyLink or elsewhere.

Could CenturyLink throttle your internet speed?

Internet service providers (ISPs) sometimes throttle the internet speed based on your activity. For example, when you are gaming or using peer-to-peer programs.

There is no proof to say that throttling is what makes CenturyLink internet slow. However, you can check if your internet speed improves when using a VPN. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN makes it difficult for the ISP to know your online activity. 

Thus, if they are automatically throttling some activity, your internet speed should improve when using a VPN.

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