Atlas VPN year in review: 2023 recap

William S. | December 27, 2023

Welcome to Atlas VPN's 2023 recap! It's been an exciting year for our team as we continue to enhance our virtual private network service and provide more value to users across the globe. We’ll guide you through our updates, new feature releases, and milestones over the past 12 months. So buckle up, and let's dive into the year that was for Atlas VPN!

Start of the year

One of our most notable Q1 achievements was the launch of new 10Gbps servers in February. These blazing-fast servers enable Atlas VPN to handle more connected users without network congestion or speed reduction.

For our Windows users, we introduced a handy new VPN Pause feature that lets you temporarily disconnect your active VPN session at the click of a button. Finally, in March, we released a buy now, pay later offer for US users. This makes it even easier to start safeguarding your digital life with Atlas VPN on your own budget.

User experience improvements

The second quarter of 2023 ushered in several optimizations and new features aimed at improving the overall user experience of Atlas VPN. As our service continues expanding, we keep our focus on enhancing convenience, flexibility, and ease of use for our global user base.

We added server maintenance notifications for iOS and Mac users. In the third quarter, we have also added these notifications to Android and Windows. In Q2, we also expanded the payment methods we support. Users in the Netherlands can now complete purchases using iDeal.

Redesigned features

​​The third quarter of 2023 marked an exciting overhaul of one of our privacy tools. We said goodbye to SafeBrowse and ushered in an enhanced new tracker blocker now known as Shield. This renamed and redesigned feature makes monitoring and stopping third-party trackers attempting to follow your online activity simpler than ever.

Additionally, in Q3, we gave the server list of our Android app a makeover. This follows a similar iOS overhaul back in Q2 to optimize the look and feel of browsing Atlas VPN servers on Apple devices. Now, Android users can enjoy the same refreshed interface, with intuitive controls that make connecting to your preferred server locations even smoother.

Last touches

The Atlas VPN team kept up our pace in the fourth quarter. Another significant milestone was expanding availability to the Apple TV platform. Now, Apple TV owners can download the Atlas VPN app to encrypt their streaming device traffic with just a few taps. Furthermore, we added ApplePay as a new payment method.

In the last quarter, we also introduced alternative sign-in options to simplify onboarding across platforms. iOS users can now easily create and access their Atlas VPN account using their existing Apple ID credentials. On Android, we similarly added sign-in integration with Google accounts.

Additionally, our developers rolled out numerous performance optimizations in Q4. While not flashy new features, these under-the-hood improvements ensure Atlas VPN continues providing ultra-fast speeds and secure connections.

Thank you

From all of us on the Atlas VPN team, thank you for joining us on this journey through 2023. Here's to an even more impactful and exceptional year ahead! Now get out there and roam the digital world freely and safely with Atlas VPN by your side!

William S.

William S.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. Focused on revealing the latest cybersecurity trends around the world.


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