Amazon’s new policy allows returning millions of products for free

Ruth C. | January 17, 2020

Everyone’s guilty of occasional irresponsible spending, especially on holiday. The season is over – if you treated yourself too much, Amazon offers returning millions of items for free: from pet supplies to electronics.

Amazon says it’s all about the customer’s experience

It’s no secret that Amazon has grown rapidly in the past decade. The company expanded its business to the point it became its own biggest carrier. With that, Amazon can make their user’s experience even more convenient and offer returning items for free. Shopping without having to worry about additional costs sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Amazon’s representative said their team is always looking for new ways to improve their client’s experience. Whether that’s purchasing an item or returning one, it should be quick and easy. Amazon understands that shopping can be stressful at times. So, with the ability to return items for free, you won’t have to worry whether you picked the right size or color. And that’s not all – with Amazon’s delivery systems developing swiftly, you’ll be able to receive a product or send it back faster than ever.

A sustainable way of returning

Amazon expands the free return policy on millions of items

Earlier, Amazon offered free returns on apparel or bedclothes. And, you could receive a full chargeback only if there was an issue on Amazon’s end. For example, the product was faulty, or it wasn’t delivered on time. Releasing the new policy, Amazon included millions of items that weren’t returnable for free before. Now free returns are available for kitchen tools, pet supplies, electronics, shoes, and other items.

According to Amazon’s terms, you can return particular products bought from the 1st of November to the 31st of December free of charge. To do so, you have until the 31st of January. Your product must be unused and shouldn’t weigh over 50 pounds. Amazon notices you can return an unused item without having a specific reason, which makes the process much easier. Here you can take a look at the full list of Amazon’s return policies.

A sustainable way of returning

But that’s not all - with their new policy, Amazon introduces an eco-friendly way of returning. Their new solution allows returning eligible products without a box or a label. The company also expanded the number of return points to over 18K. You can now return your purchase at Amazon’s physical stores, Whole Foods Market stores and other points. These solutions are both convenient and planet friendly. Both help with Amazon’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality and renewable energy. This is one of many of Amazon’s sustainability projects – the company is known for taking steps to improve our planet.

Return process

To return your item, head to Your Orders on Amazon’s page or the application. Pick the items you wish to return and select the reason. Next, you’ll get to choose the designated return location. And, you’ll be able to leave your package within 5 miles from your delivery address. You can expect to receive your money back in 2 hours since the refund was initiated.

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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