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Anton P. | April 21, 2020

There's no getting around it: picking a VPN is difficult. But the VPN trial is what can help you to measure if a service truly satisfies your needs. Do you find the number of servers or logging policy more important than connection speed? Or, perhaps, the simplicity of usage matters to you the most? VPN trial lets you decide in a risk-free, costless way. But frequently, the test drive is limited in its duration. Hence, is it possible to fully leverage a VPN in a short time?

At the time of writing, there are over 300 VPN services on the market. Each of them differs by several criteria, such as protocols, compatibility with devices, number of unique IP addresses, price, and so on. But how do you know what features to look at? Well, once you know your end-goal, you will be able to spot the necessary functions and those you can forgo. With the aim in mind, you can make the most out of the shortest VPN trial for 7 days.

Your top priorities are security and privacy

In theory, VPNs are all about protecting your security and privacy. In reality, however, some providers offer less than ideal business practices. Worse yet, some VPNs can be scams designed to collect data and sell it. Luckily, you can examine one's trustworthiness before even grabbing a free VPN trial.

VPN that does not retain your connection logs and has the most robust encryption standards should be your top priority. A reliable VPN logs basic connection and account information, which is only necessary to ensure smooth functionality. Before starting to trial VPN, refer to its Privacy Policy to check what kind of data it wants to maintain. Look up whether a VPN uses IKEv2/IPsec or OpenVPN protocols as well. These are the strongest, industry-leading encryption standards at the time.

After you get yourself familiar with the points above, grab a VPN trial. Connect to one of the servers, and don't forget to check if your IP address was replaced successfully.

You need to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions

Frequently, people associate internet censorship with countries like China and Turkey, but the problem is more common than that. All kinds of services and websites impose restrictions to keep you from accessing content they don't want you to see. Luckily, VPN lets you change your IP address and make it look like you're browsing from a different country. Hence, when you want to access various Netflix libraries or bypass Facebook bans in your home country, you should take a VPN trial.

However, the problem is that bypassing geo-restrictions became a popular feature. As a result, those who impose geo-restrictions also try to block the use of VPNs. For instance, many service providers have trouble bypassing Netflix's VPN block. Still, some of them continuously succeed in overcoming those obstacles. Therefore, the VPN trial will help you measure if the service is strong enough to circumvent the blockades.

You need a high-speed connection

Bandwidth-intensive tasks, like streaming, gaming, or torrenting, require high-speed and unlimited bandwidth connections. When you grab a VPN trial, look up if it offers a good variety of servers physically near you. The closer the server, the faster connection is likely to be.

However, thousands of servers mean nothing if most of them are sluggish. Other variables that impact speed include the server processing power, available bandwidth, or server load. But these can only be measured after you establish a VPN connection. So, when you get a VPN trial for free, make sure to perform a speed test.

You have the answers

Now that you've become an informed VPN enthusiast, it's time to choose your VPN trial and enjoy safer, better internet. However, many providers offer limited free VPN trial versions, which gives you restrictions on bandwidth, servers, or connection sessions. But this isn't good enough; you need to test out the entire service before you decide to spend money on it. You should go for a private VPN free trial: an unlimited, feature-rich, and suitable option for all online activities you prefer.

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Get all benefits VPN can provide

Get all benefits VPN can provide

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