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COVID-19 survivor's blood on dark web costs 3 times more than hiring a hitman

According to data compiled by Atlas VPN, the blood of recovered coronavirus patients costs over three times more than hiring a hitman. Fake vaccines and cures, including blood from allegedly recovered COVID-19 patient, cost 16 thousand dollars; meanwhile you can commission a murder for 5 thousand dollars.

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PS4 VPN elevates gaming and offers a full-on privacy shield

Preparing a PS4 VPN is slightly more complicated than using a VPN in a conventional environment like your smartphone. However, this option…

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Cryptojacking snoops hit popular publishing platform

Cryptojacking is one of the new threats that emerge due to the impressive financial rewards of cryptocurrency mining. Also known as crypto…

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CursedChrome reminds us why extensions can be vicious too

The digital space has always been a fertile ground for new threats, data breaches, and hacking incidents. Security researchers deserve…

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RDP Attacks Surged by 330% in The US Amid Pandemic

According to data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN, remote desktop protocol (RDP) attacks rocketed by 330% in the US amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The rise in cyber-attacks correlates almost precisely with the start of lockdowns worldwide from March 10, 2020.

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How to Prevent DNS Spoofing?

DNS spoofing is one of the most common Domain Name System (DNS) attacks out there today. DNS is like a phonebook of the internet, yet, it…

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How Azure VPN paves a secure path for on-premises networks

Azure VPN can be a robust and security-oriented component of a company’s infrastructure. Over the years, many IT professionals have opted to…

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Over 400 million malware infections detected in last 30 days, more than 10 million daily

Data compiled by Atlas VPN reveals there have been nearly 404 million malware infections during the last 30 days worldwide, which makes over 10 million cases per day. More than 64% of the malicious attacks were targeting educational institutions.

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A no log VPN is a false promise or a reality?

Claiming that your product falls into the no log VPN category is no idle matter. In some cases, the no-logging argument is a part of convincing but deceptive marketing campaigns.

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