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Interest in Telemedicine Grows by 525% Worldwide

As quarantine goes on, interest in the "telemedicine" keyword is rising globally. Data compiled by Atlas VPN reveals that in 2020, the interest rate in telemedicine has increased by 525% worldwide.

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Taking a remote exam? Not without a tool monitoring your privacy

Taking a leap of faith with third-party monitoring software seems risky? How about having a stranger watch all your actions? This invasive scenario has become a reality for thousands of students around the globe. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, universities decided to test academic integrity via remote proctoring tools.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

US sends 32x more COVID-19 related spam emails than Russia

According to data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN, coronavirus-related spam emails sent from the US outnumber spam emails from Russia by more than 32 times.

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What is OpenVPN and is it suitable for you?

OpenVPN is a well-known name in the VPN community, but for newbies, it might be challenging to understand its full meaning. The confusion surfaces when people learn that OpenVPN is an open-source protocol used as a base for many VPN products on the market.

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A VPN trial you are looking for

There's no getting around it: picking a VPN is difficult. But the VPN trial is what can help you to measure if a service truly satisfies your needs.


Hackers Attacked Businesses 22 Million Times In The Last 7 Days Globally

According to data compiled and analyzed by Atlas VPN, hackers attacked businesses more than 22 million times during the last week worldwide. Over 63% of these hacking attempts were malware attacks.

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Your Zoom account worth less than a penny on the dark web

Amid a global pandemic, Zoom skyrocketed into the center of general awareness. Initially created for corporate webinars and meetings, the video conferencing app now became a forum for nearly every kind of social function.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Change location and mask IP address: instant privacy boost

An IP address is your identity card online, revealing your geolocation and helping vendors build profiles according to your browsing habits. People choose to change location and conceal their [IP addresses]({b} when they do not want to share such data with random websites.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Google and Apple to turn phones into trackers: security concerns boom

The COVID-19 has sparked an unlikely alliance between Google and Apple, who plan to release a contact tracing system to fight the global outbreak of the virus. While the creators claim that the users’ security and privacy is a priority, such apps are invasive by nature.

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