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Over 400 million malware infections detected in last 30 days, more than 10 million daily

Data compiled by Atlas VPN reveals there have been nearly 404 million malware infections during the last 30 days worldwide, which makes over 10 million cases per day. More than 64% of the malicious attacks were targeting educational institutions.

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A no log VPN is a false promise or a reality?

Claiming that your product falls into the no log VPN category is no idle matter. In some cases, the no-logging argument is a part of convincing but deceptive marketing campaigns.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

IoT Devices at Risk of Compromising your Digital Identity

IoT devices have reinvented both home and office environments. With such high-tech assistants, people discover comfort and accessibility on a whole new level.

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Installing a VPN on router? The how and why explained

Setting up a VPN on routers might sound like a hassle. The standard choice, especially for newbies, is to install VPN apps on their devices.

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

39% of Spam Emails Offer Fake Medical Products

According to data collected and analyzed by Atlas VPN, health-related spam emails was the most common category of spam last year. In 2019, 39% of spam emails were promoting fake pharmaceuticals and health cures.

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What is Cloud VPN Exactly?

The label Cloud VPN usually refers to a specific type of VPN technology that focuses on securing the cloud and its resources. While this is the traditional, widespread definition, the industry does not shy away from deliberately modifying its meaning.

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Cybercrime Damages to Reach $27 Billion by 2025, New Estimation Reveals

According to Atlas VPN estimations, damages caused by cybercrime are expected to reach more than $27 billion by 2025. Throughout the last 6-years, cybercrime damages increased by an average of 37,44% per year.

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What is HTTPS and why it matters?

To some, HTTPS versus HTTP looks like nothing more than an added “s” to a meaningless URL. But for those who care about online security, the “s” carries plenty of meaning.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

How to use Netflix to its full potential?

Learning how to use Netflix opens the gate to a rich and diverse library of shows. While the original collection is enormous, users from different countries might receive only a small portion of it.

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