Subscription Renewal Prices

Effective Date : September 05, 2023
  • The displayed prices are charged upon the automatic renewal of the subscription plans in the currency in which the first payment was made.
  • The renewal prices are provided in currencies we support. 
  • Initial purchases may have included an introductory promotional offer for the first term of the subscription.
  • Please note that the prices of our Services displayed initially may be exclusive of taxes. Due to the worldwide nature of our Services and the varying tax laws across different regions, the specific taxes applicable to your purchase cannot be identified beforehand. However, once you choose your tax residence country, we may include any applicable sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), provincial sales tax (PST), or any other mandatory tax relevant to your country of purchase, as declared by you during your initial payment. The precise amount of these taxes will be determined based on the prevailing rate at the time of deduction. 
  • The prices are subject to change, but you will receive a notification email before you are charged. Learn more.
  • Upon renewal, the following general rules shall apply to users:
  1. If the user has previously purchased the premium subscription with all features and their subscription is still active at the time these terms come into effect, their subscription will be automatically upgraded to the full package upon renewal.
  2. For new users who purchase the premium package without add-ons, their subscription shall be renewed as the premium package without add-ons.
  3. Users who purchase the premium package with add-ons will have their subscription renewed, including the add-ons they have initially selected.

These terms set forth in this agreement will be effective and applicable from the effective date of these terms.

Renewal Prices for Atlas VPN Premium 

  • The 1-month subscription will renew for an additional 1-month.

  • 3-year, 2-year, and 1-year subscriptions will renew for an additional 1-year subscription.

  • The renewal prices are indicated before taxes.

    CurrencyPlanRenewal price
    USDPremium monthly plan11.99
    Premium 1-year plan59
    EURPremium monthly plan10.99
    Premium 1-year plan54
    AUDPremium monthly plan18.32
    Premium 1-year plan90.19
    CADPremium monthly plan16.09
    Premium 1-year plan79.21
    GBPPremium monthly plan9.41
    Premium 1-year plan46.32
    JPYPremium monthly plan1,719
    Premium 1-year plan8,463
    PLNPremium monthly plan48.8
    Premium 1-year plan240.15
    CNYPremium monthly plan86.39
    Premium 1-year plan425.14
    NOKPremium monthly plan122.52
    Premium 1-year plan602.9
    KRWPremium monthly plan15,753
    Premium 1-year plan77,510
    IDRPremium monthly plan182,186.57
    Premium 1-year plan896,497.74
    AEDPremium monthly plan44.03
    Premium 1-year plan216.68

Renewal prices for add-on subscription

  • The 1-month add-on subscription will renew for an additional 1-month.

  • 3-year, 2-year, and 1-year subscriptions will renew for an additional 1-year.

  • The renewal prices are indicated before taxes.

    CurrencyPlanRenewal price
    USDAdd-ons monthly plan4.99
    Add-ons 1-year plan10.68
    EURAdd-ons monthly plan4.69
    Add-ons 1-year plan9.89
    AUDAdd-ons monthly plan7.62
    Add-ons 1-year plan16.31
    CADAdd-ons monthly plan6.69
    Add-ons 1-year plan14.34
    GBPAdd-ons monthly plan3.91
    Add-ons 1-year plan8.38
    JPYAdd-ons monthly plan715
    Add-ons 1-year plan1,531
    PLNAdd-ons monthly plan20.29
    Add-ons 1-year plan43.43
    CNYAdd-ons monthly plan35.96
    Add-ons 1-year plan76.96
    NOKAdd-ons monthly plan50.94
    Add-ons 1-year plan109.03
    KRWAdd-ons monthly plan6,551
    Add-ons 1-year plan14,021
    IDRAdd-ons monthly plan75,791.47
    Add-ons 1-year plan162,215.01
    AEDAdd-ons monthly plan18.33
    Add-ons 1-year plan39.22
  • All existing plans that are longer than 1 month (except plans mentioned above) will undergo automatic renewal, maintaining their current duration and pricing without any changes.

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