Wyoming is the most coronavirus-concerned US state, unemployment-related topics shoot by 7,000%

Anton P. | April 1, 2020

According to data acquired by Atlas VPN, Wyoming is the most coronavirus-concerned state in the US.

Google Trends tool shows search interest in the “coronavirus” term reaching its peak in Wyoming. The results were gathered on March 30.

Google Trends provides numbers that show search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term, while the value of 50 means it is half as popular.

COVID-19 related searches by state

In Wyoming, the interest in the aforementioned term reached a maximum of 100 points on the Google Trends tool, meaning that the term is at its peak of interest and popularity.

In comparison to Wyoming, Michigan was searching for coronavirus-related queries 8% less. Being the third state in this list, people in Maine were interested in COVID-19 around 9% less than in Wyoming. Both West Virginia and Arizona states had a -12% interest rate in comparison to Wyoming.

At the same time, Texas had the lowest number of “coronavirus” queries in the past day. In the state of Texas, “coronavirus” searches are 36% less frequent than in Wyoming.

Lastly, Texas is lower than Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Mississippi: in all these four states, the interest rate in “coronavirus” was 33% less than in the state of Wyoming.

COVID-19 outbreak is making US citizens fear unemployment

Experts predict a global economic crisis hitting us soon, this worries people about losing their jobs. Although Texas was the state with the lowest interest rate in “coronavirus” term searches, citizens are actively searching for information about unemployment. On March 30, “texas workforce commission unemployment benefits“ query had a 1,000% increase, while the “texas unemployment application” query rose by 440%.

Unemployment related google searches

With as big as a 7000% growth, the “pandemic unemployment assistance program pua” query makes it to the top of the list. Lastly, the “twc unemployment application” query had a 700% increase, while “twc unemployment benefits” rose by 550%. In this case, “TWC” stands for Texas Workforce Commission.

While parents are worried about losing their jobs, their children are concerned about schools closing. Some schools already decided they are not opening for the rest of the academic year. On March 30, the “kate brown school closure statement” query had a 5,000% increase.

school related google searches

As well, searches for “nm school closure” term grew by 3,800%, followed by a 3.350% rise in “alabama school closure update” searches. Lastly, “cuomo extends school closure” query had a 3,100% increase in searches, while “illinois school return date” rose by 2,250%.

Trending rent-related queries in the US

As Google searches show, fears of being unemployed are causing people to worry about paying rent. In the US, tenants usually pay rent on the first day of the month. Hence, the searches from the March 31 show, the most popular query was “Is rent due on the 1st?” followed by “What if I can’t pay my rent this month?”. US citizens were also actively looking up “What does a rent freeze mean?”, “What about rent during coronavirus?” or “How to pay rent during coronavirus.”

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