Why use a VPN?

Ruth C. | March 30, 2020

The reasons why use a VPN are personal and a little different for everyone. But without a doubt, Virtual Private Networks are on the minds of web users. Almost every week, there is a news story about another massive data breach, new scamming technique, and individuals or businesses getting hacked. Hence, in a time when online safety is more precious than ever, a VPN became the go-to method in terms of ensuring internet use as safely as possible. When privacy remains at the top of the list, there are a wide variety of other appealing reasons why use a VPN.

What are the advantages of a VPN ?

  1. A VPN brings your right to privacy back

As highlighted in the previous posts on what is a VPN and how VPN works, it’s safe to say that privacy is the vital benefit this tool ensures. A Virtual Private Network will thwart any attempts by search engines, marketers, government entities, or your internet service provider to collect or sell your data. A VPN service puts your internet data into a “capsule” of sorts, to send it through a secure tunnel. Email or cloud storage accounts are a ripe target for scammers to compromise. Luckily, with robust security, you can reclaim your privacy back. It’s a crucial feature why do people use VPN these days.

  1. Bypass network restrictions

Even beyond country-specific restrictions, your workplace, school, university, or library may put certain restrictions on websites or words. It’s debatable whether you can break the rules, but sometimes, these restrictions infringe on simple common sense. In some cases, they put these limits for the protection of users, but it can be frustrating when trying to look into a topic that’s blocked. You may not be able to research the theme “breast cancer”, because such wording and terms lead to inappropriate images and videos. Hence, bypassing any unreasonable restrictions is another strong motive of why use a VPN.

  1. Secure public Wi-Fi

When out and about, being connected is often a necessity. Free Wi-Fi sounds attractive, as it won’t chew through your cell phone data plan. However, public Wi-Fi usually requires no authentication. Hence, it offers a tempting avenue for hackers to obtain access to unsecured devices using the network. Using a VPN on this network will protect your precious data and prevent any possible attacks.

  1. Netflix and other streaming content access

If you want to access US Netflix while being abroad, or BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you do need a VPN for streaming. Some of the streaming services lock their content to be accessible within borders of a particular country. Since a Virtual Private Network makes you appear as browsing from somewhere else, you can bypass geo-restrictions. If you choose to use a robust service, like Atlas VPN, you’ll be able to enjoy many Netflix libraries available around the globe. Atlas VPN available Netflix regions include the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Australia, and Spain.

  1. Online gaming - surprising reason why use a VPN service

Using it for gaming might seem like a poor idea, considering the speed and ping are the top-priorities. The truth is, you can gain a competitive advantage without leaving your connection laggy. Because VPN improves online security, it can help you prevent being DDoS’ed by hackers. It’s no secret that these attacks are frequent in the gaming world. Due to its robust technology, a VPN server can mitigate more traffic than your actual connection might. Hence, it’s a crucial factor for gamers as to why use VPN.

How do I get a VPN ?

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Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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