Internet throttling: why fast VPN should be your best friend

Ruth C. | February 10, 2020

A fast VPN can be your way to gear up and get reliable speeds back. With more and more Internet Service Providers throttling your bandwidth, what’s a poor online gamer, show binger or movie addict to do? The USA already became a harsh battleground for looking to save Obama-era net neutrality rules.

The federal court raised the question of internet consumers’ protection in regards to deregulating internet service providers and bringing the net neutrality back. The key goal is to stop broadband companies from slowing network accessibility for their customers or charging higher fees for it.

Thankfully, internet users can combat this battle with the technology called VPN. Not only is it an unreplaceable cybersecurity tool, which has a lot of privacy benefits, but most people also do not know that it can sometimes improve the internet connection. Fast VPN service can help you get back up to speed.

Why ISPs throttle your internet connection?

ISPs utilize the technologies, which makes internet throttling difficult to identify. There can be different reasons why internet service providers limit broadband.

One of the main reasons is pretty simple. Your ISP is no longer able to provide you the fast connection speeds because it’s too expensive. A recent study claims that a few popular providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) purposefully slowed down connection speeds for Netflix and Youtube videos. But the uplifting news is that the fastest VPN for streaming can stop it.

Another factor of bandwidth limitation is that ISPs do not invest the money into expanding or improving their infrastructure and services. Hence, your internet can be throttled during peak hours based on your physical location.

Limiting your speeds can also be a simple sales trick - an encouragement to upgrade your plan to a faster one.

How using a fast VPN can help

Internet service providers use algorithms to keep your actions online, but the countermeasures do exist. ISPs control your bandwidth because they are able to see what you do on the internet. Your connection speed can be flawless when reading some news or checking your email, but the second you start watching your favorite sports show, it can decrease tremendously. Now it’s time for the fast VPN to kick in and do its job.

For starters, your ISP needs to know your real IP address in order to throttle your bandwidth. When you connect to a fast VPN app, your real IP becomes hidden and replaced with a VPN server’s IP. As a result, your ISP is no longer able to track you according to the assigned IP and limit your connection speeds.

Another thing is that a reputable fast VPN provider will grant you the protection against connection leaks. An IP leak is a consequence of the fact that your real IP is exposed even though you are connected to a VPN. A trustworthy fast VPN provider should have the leaks prevention technology integrated into the service.

It is also important to note that you should search for a VPN that doesn’t slow down internet connection. Factors, such as the number of servers and connection points that are physically near your location, play a huge role. The server which is closer to you means the lower ping, hence, you can expect increased connection speeds. You can see it yourself by making a VPN speed comparison test upon connecting to a server.

Did you know that you can stop the ISP throttling without spending any money? You are paying for your provider to get internet access. Why should you pay additionally to fix the mess they keep doing? You are right, you shouldn’t. Without further ado, fast free VPN download is right here:

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