Why do you need a location changer?

Anton P. | August 17, 2020

A location changer erases physical boundaries in the digital world that prevent us from accessing content. As internet freedom is on a decline, changing your virtual location becomes a necessity. A VPN has an integrated location changer that revamps browsing and facilitates free sharing and consumption of content. Instead of employing semi-effective solutions to circumvent regulations, recruit a program that you can rely on. We invite you to get acquainted with the current situation and ways to upgrade browsing.

How does a location changer work?

IP addresses are an integral part of the internet, responsible for identifying users. The string is the same as your ID card that you show at the entrance to each website. With a location changer, you are no longer tied down to one location. You can swiftly manipulate the content you get by replacing your IP address with a different one.

While IP addresses do not broadcast highly confidential information, it is enough for determining users’ approximate whereabouts. They trumpet people’s country, timezone, language, and currency. When you visit a well-known store, it might adapt to display deals tailored to consumers from a specific location. Hence, shipping fees and overall product prices can shift. So, your IP address is the central piece of information that facilitates custom ads, deals, and imposes access control. In turn, a location changer is a tool that allows you to conceal it.

The global issue of closely-monitored digital space

Custom ads and other attempts to tailor specific users’ needs seem harmless and convenient to a degree. However, a location changer is an instrument that battles censorship, propaganda, fake news, and state surveillance. Repressive governments use the internet censorship as the means to suppress the distribution of information.

Some countries exercise restrictions to protect their citizens from unlawful content (such as child pornography). However, others take one step too far, triggering the demand for location changers. After the controversial presidential election in Belarus, the government shut down all internet connectivity and cellular data. According to a report, Belarus stands as the ninth most censored country in the world. The government tightly regulates media, individuals, bloggers, and individual journalists. Similar and frequently worse censorship is in Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, China, and others. Hence, the internet has survived a drastic and relatively unforeseen transformation into an ecosystem of state and corporate surveillance. While a location changer is not a permanent solution, it is the tool to get around oppression and internet censorship.

The effects of a location changer to browsing

  • Lower prices and better deals. A location changer will let you choose the whereabouts you want to associate with. With a VPN, you can seamlessly jump from one location to another via the convenient server system. After comparing prices, you can spend less money and purchase items from countries that offer the best deals.
  • Bypassing censorship and state regulations. People that live in heavily censored countries are unable to broadcast their ideas and struggles. By using location changers to change their IP addresses, they can circumvent such rules.
  • Accessing sources of entertainment. In the past couple of years, video streaming services have become widely popular. However, their availability is not equal in different parts of the world. A location changer helps bypass all restrictions, from expanding limited libraries to avoiding full blocks.
  • No corporate or state surveillance. To some degree, tracking is relevant to all netizens. Your ISP performs standard monitoring in addition to marketers and websites continuously keeping tabs on you. By using a location changer, you will no longer be a subject of profiling and tracking.

A VPN as a liberating location changer

Your motivations for using a location changer might differ. From accessing a full Netflix library to reading foreign media to escape fake news: all are justifiable reasons. While you might consider a proxy or Tor browser, they do not supply the same level of privacy and security. A VPN performs encryption of web traffic, preventing online entities from accessing your browsing activities.

Atlas VPN comes with a sophisticated location changer that swiftly gives you a new IP address for ending location data sharing. With the variety of servers available, you will regain the right to the free internet and unsupervised access. In addition to that, its anti-leak protection won’t allow any location-related information to slip through the cracks. So, use Atlas VPN to enter the internet without any prejudice or oppression.

Anton P.

Anton P.

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