What is a VPN client? How it simplifies VPN use

Anton P. | August 09, 2023

A VPN client is software that establishes a secure connection to VPN servers. The simplest definition of the client is the program or app VPN users download. So, you use the VPN client whenever you open your VPN application. 

It’s essential to understand the workings of instant VPN connections. You launch your application, select a VPN server, and establish a connection within seconds. Nonetheless, let’s delve into the underlying processes that take place. 

How a VPN client works and benefits it brings.

What VPN client is

A VPN client is a dedicated VPN application, usually provided by a provider like Atlas VPN. Users see clients as regular programs that they use. 

For instance, setting up VPN connections without a particular provider is possible. However, configuring it without dedicated VPN software and technical how-to is relatively tricky. 

So, the client simplifies VPN usage, making it simple to connect, change IP addresses and protocols, or enable additional features. 

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How a VPN client works 

A VPN client (in other words, the application you use) establishes a secure connection to VPN servers. Let’s look at his procedure in more detail: 

  • VPN services prepare the configuration files, setting authentication rules, protocols, and encryption standards. 
  • Users download these clients to their computers, sign up and log into their accounts.
  • Then, they can connect to VPN servers. In the background, the VPN client performs all the necessary procedures. That includes authentication, data encryption, and tunneling.
  • The server and the client swap encryption keys, enabling the server to decode data and transmit it to the appropriate destinations. 
  • For instance, the VPN server sends decrypted data to websites you visit. 

Benefits of VPN clients

VPN clients have transformed the seemingly complicated technology. More manual setups are possible, common in companies using VPN for remote access. People can even use hardware devices to operate their custom VPNs. 

However, regular users turning to VPNs for protection cannot go wrong with clients. 

Also, while modern operating systems simplify individual VPN configurations, getting a VPN client from trusted providers has its benefits: 

  1. User-friendly interface 

VPN clients make it possible for anyone to use this privacy-focused product. For instance, Atlas VPN makes users’ journeys as smooth as possible. You can start using the VPN in minutes, and connecting to servers is as simple as tapping your screen. 

  1. Additional security features 

Many VPN providers do not settle for solely providing VPN services. Atlas VPN stands as an excellent example of this approach. We offer additional services to protect you online. All such features are also available within the VPN program. 

  1. Easy to make changes 

A VPN client allows you to make changes to your connection easily. For instance, Atlas VPN lets you switch between different VPN protocols. You can also enable killswitch and let the VPN client pick the best VPN server for you. 

  1. Fun with Atlas VPN

Besides being simple to use, Atlas VPN tries to add another element: fun. Our team works hard to create an inviting and entertaining experience. We build this atmosphere through various designs, making a VPN client less scary to beginners! 

  1. Compatibility with various operating systems 

You can install VPN clients on different devices. For instance, Atlas VPN supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV/FireStick. 

The VPN clients might differ depending on which operating system you download it. However, all the essentials for secure connections are there!  

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