VPN reviews: guidelines to follow

Anton P. | February 17, 2020

Looking through a bunch of VPN reviews to decide which provider suits your personal requirements can be a real challenge. The selection is wide. Technology seems to be complicated. Some VPN providers are even highlighted as fraudulent, and the list goes on… So, how to find a trustworthy, honest and coherent review of VPN providers?

Where to look at?

Googling “Best VPN service 2020” or “VPN reviews 2020” can bomb you with thousands or even millions of results and different review sites. Clicking on the very first ones does not necessarily mean that these will be most reliable. Looking for VPN reviews on Reddit or other media where communities are constantly discussing things, can be also a viable option. But reading thousands of different opinions can make your choice even harder to take. Luckily, there are a few specific things to pay attention to. Of course, if you wish to find reliable VPN reviews!


It’s no secret, that most of the VPN review sites publish articles for a certain amount of money. Accepting payments from sponsors allow them to strive, but how to be sure that the expressed opinion is objective? Fortunately, there are sites that hold a reputation as a top priority and publish articles independently without accepting any commissions. A reputable site should have a disclaimer in the article, whether the reviewer got any sort of compensation from VPN providers. Hence, you should look up for it and see if it’s unbiased VPN reviews.

Up-to-date information

VPN technology is continuously evolving and the VPN market is extremely dynamic. The information posted in 2017 or 2018 is no longer relevant and, most probably, it will be outdated. A reputable VPN reviews site should have the article updated at least once in a year. A general review of new technologies, features, information on whether a VPN has not been previously exposed, and other important parameters should be reflected once in a while. That is, you should lookup for the date when the review was published or last updated.

Straight to the points

Understanding what makes one service provider better than the other and being able to explain it in a clear manner are the key factors when reading VPN reviews. Technical terms can be difficult to understand, but these are not even necessary in order to make detailed VPN analysis. Generic reviews could describe almost every VPN provider in the market. It is important to find ones that are able to prove the points in a succinct manner.

Wrapping everything up

It is important to understand that reading a VPN comparison might not be enough for you to make a final decision. Running actual tests and checking whether the service fits your individual needs is something you will have to see for yourself. A vast variety of factors can make the service different from the one described in a review; your location, ISP, even the time of the day can make an impact. When going through VPN reviews, check if the provider offers any sort of free trial or at least a money-back guarantee so you could you can test it risk-free.

Anton P.

Anton P.

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