VPN online: top 3 use cases

Ruth C. | February 20, 2020

As you may already know, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and perhaps you are aware of how to use VPN online. Either it is paid or free service - both types serve the same purpose - VPN encrypts your internet traffic. But have you ever wondered about other advantages that VPN can give?

A VPN online can do plenty of functions at once - from defeating hackers to stopping your connection being throttled. But aside from boosting your online security, there are some use cases you might not even be aware of. The best part of it - you can get all the benefits for free! Atlas VPN will take care that your internet usage would be as enjoyable as possible. So, without further ado, let’s review a few specific use cases of a VPN online and how to make the best of it.

What are the most popular VPN online use cases?

  1. Public network security

Did you know that intercepting public network traffic is easy? Many places, like hotels, schools, airports, coffee shops, offer free Wi-Fi access. Usually, to join such a network does not even require you to enter a password, meaning, that the public Wi-Fi is available for everyone. It is easy to snoop your internet activity on such a network. Hence, using a VPN online and changing your IP while on a browser is a must. This way, you will create a secure, encrypted connection and no one will be able to intercept it.

  1. Avoid ISP tracking and speed throttling

It’s no secret that ISPs are tracking their users. In most cases, the tracked data is used for targeting ads. Moreover, your surfing history, location or app usage data can be also sold to any interested third-parties. Speed throttling is also a very common case. Your ISP can slow your connection speeds because it thinks that you have used too much data in any given time span. The good news is, the spying can be easily prevented by connecting to VPN online - your ISP no longer sees where or what you are browsing. Also, using a VPN online means no slower speeds when you are about to download something.

  1. Unblocking geo-restricted content

When a streaming platform or website is available to reach in certain countries only, it can be called a geo-restricted content. For example, the streaming platform Netflix is not available in all the countries. Also, the provider tailors different TV shows and movie libraries for each region. But that’s simply not fair! So, how can I access blocked sites easily, you may wonder? Visiting the site from the IP address of the VPN server in another country will solve the problem right away. For example, your country of residence is the USA, but you would rather watch TV shows available in the Netherlands. No problem with that! Choose free Netherlands web proxy or server there and stream the restricted content with ease. Using a VPN online now means unblocked content.

These are only a few VPN online use cases that you can enjoy. Either you are willing to secure your traffic, prevent ISP spying, or to beat the hackers - you can achieve all of this. Even better, there is no need to buy VPN online - Atlas VPN will take care of your security for free! Download the application and enjoy your online life without any restrictions.

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. Interested in cybercrime, online security, and privacy-related topics.



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