VPN online: top use cases for browsing and beyond

Ruth C. | February 20, 2020

A VPN online helps users surf the web with more privacy and anonymity at every step. It is an online tool requiring an internet connection to work. You can install it like any other application on desktops, TVs, or mobile devices. 

Then, you can pick servers to connect, which hugely boils down to the wanted IP address. For instance, choose servers in your current location to browse the internet with a local IP address. However, if you wish your IP address to change your online location entirely, connect to servers abroad. 

VPN online: top use cases for browsing and beyond

How a VPN online protects internet traffic 

A VPN online works by creating an encrypted connection to the internet. This secure tunnel becomes a pathway for all data. In fact, each internet activity takes a unique route to reach its destination:

  • You make online requests to visit websites or load video content. 
  • A VPN online traverses them through the secure tunnel, reaching the selected VPN server.
  • So, the web entity treats the VPN server as the one making a request. 
  • The web entity delivers content to the VPN server, and it brings the response back to your machine. 
  • Since VPN online servers make the online request on your behalf, your actions become much more difficult to track. 

How do you get a VPN online? 

Getting a VPN online ready to safeguard your personal information and activities does not require much. You do not need special hardware, nor will you have to go through lengthy configurations.

  1. Pick devices you wish to protect and connect them to the internet. A VPN works on Wi-Fi, wired connections, and cellular data
  2. Decide on a VPN service you wish to use. A provider should offer broad device compatibility, various server locations, live chat support, fast speeds, and unlimited bandwidth. 
  3. Download a selected VPN app to your device. For instance, you can get Atlas VPN on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV/FireStick. 
  4. If necessary, create an account or get a subscription. A free VPN online can allow you to use its servers after setting up accounts. Premium users will first need to purchase a suitable subscription plan. 
  5. Establish a VPN connection to preferred servers. Some VPNs have quick-connect options, meaning the app estimates which server is the best for you. However, you have complete control over which server location to pick. 

After these steps, you can surf the web with more protection and anonymity! 

Which online activities can a VPN improve? 

With a VPN online protection, you become a difficult target for many data tracking and harvesting efforts. Also, a VPN offers more protection against increasing attacks on various industries. The following changes and improvements significantly influence your digital presence: 

  • You get to make your traffic appear to originate from another country. 
  • You share an IP address with other users connected to the same VPN server for more anonymity. 
  • All online data travels safely encrypted, even on HTTP websites and unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • You can prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from seeing what you do online. 
  • ISPs can no longer slow down internet traffic based on its type. Streaming and gaming are common targets for such interruptions. 

A VPN for browsing the internet

Usually, websites and other online entities retrieve much information about your identity and activities. A VPN online can protect you against various types of tracking. 

For instance, it can make you immune to various demographic statistics or location-based personalization. Furthermore, a VPN creates a safer environment for exchanging sensitive details or submitting credentials. 

A VPN online for gaming

A VPN online helps gamers sustain satisfactory internet performance and privacy throughout gameplay. It does so by encrypting traffic and rerouting it through secure tunnels. After that, ISPs no longer see what data traverses through VPN servers. The result is that ISPs should not slow down connections because of the type of activities performed. 

A VPN online for bypassing censorship and geo-blocks

Control over the digital space has never been more evident. Governments exercise their power over the content citizens get to see. And in some cases, their restrictive means drastically limit users’ rights to free speech. A VPN online can be the bridge to the content you wish to see, like global media outlets or privacy-preserving software. 

A VPN for security, privacy, and access needs 

A VPN online has become necessary to guarantee a safer and more private digital world. Millions of users browse the internet more confidently, knowing their traffic gets encrypted regardless of conditions beyond their control. So, you do not have to rely solely on websites or networks to protect your data.

Get all benefits VPN can provide

Get all benefits VPN can provide

Experience the internet without limits — no geo-blocks, censorship, or tracking. Atlas VPN is your daily companion for a more open & secure internet!
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