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Ruth C. | March 12, 2020

The latest news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly. Sadly, that is not the case for all countries. According to the latest Atlas VPN research, countries with internet restrictions leave citizens uninformed or, even worse, misinformed about the virus.

Recently leaked documents reveal that the Chinese government understated the infection rate in Shandong province by up to 52 times. It is not too far of a stretch to assume that the government hides the real situation in other regions as well. You can check the potential number of infection with a Coronavirus calculator.

Studies show that countries that are prepared for the virus will see a fatality rate of 0.5%-0.9%. While countries that are overwhelmed will have a fatality rate of 3-5%.

Interestingly, in China, where everything started, the government reports that the fatality rates are now below average. Upon further investigation, the truth came to light.

Unfortunately, in a time where people need up-to-date information the most, some governments restrict internet access. What do the world’s most popular information outlets, Google and Youtube, have in common? They are blocked in China and many other countries.

The Chinese government is responsible for the world’s biggest internet censorship operation. China's 1.386 billion population is often left unaware when it comes to the latest events.

More than 60,000 people work in the Chinese government solely responsible for filtering keywords and blocking websites. Bloomberg also reports that countless social media influencers post over 500 million pro-government comments every year. Who is to say that paid influencers are not spreading false information about the COVID-19?

There is a wide list of countries that restrict internet access and leave citizens in the dark. In 2006, Reporters without Borders, a company that advocates net neutrality, started compiling a list of countries that restrict the free flow of information and news. Here is the most recent list:

List of countries with internet restrictions

Most of these countries already have confirmed Coronavirus cases. Currently, loads of doctors share information online about how to protect yourself and what are the steps if you do get infected. Sadly, in countries where popular websites are banned, people are left without such knowledge.

Working remotely due to Coronavirus?

Companies started to offer the ability to work remotely for most office workers. When working from home, employees often use instant messaging to communicate with co-workers. Hackers might try to use this opportunity to intercept sensitive company information.

To protect the office workers, Atlas VPN decided to give away a 3-month Premium subscription completely free of charge. This offer is available for everyone, not just to people from countries with internet restrictions.

Atlas VPN stands for the free flow of information by providing open internet access to all users. With our service, you will be able to bypass online restrictions and get the latest news about Coronavirus. Also, by protecting your mobile devices from hackers, there is one less thing to worry about.

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Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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