Time to get iOS VPN: your inbox is spying on you

Anton P. | February 18, 2020

In today’s world, protecting privacy is about adding iOS VPN as friction to the mechanisms that threaten it. A recent story from Vice highlights a few names of remarkably popular iOS email applications. However, not in a good light - the named apps violate users' privacy without their knowledge. Notably, one of the apps is even listed in the top 100 productivity apps on the Apple app store. Could the iPhone and VPN combination end this privacy crisis?

Grants privacy, found harvesting inboxes

Confidential documents, obtained by Motherboard, confirm that a few mobile email apps scrape people's inbox and sell users' data to 3rd parties. Surprisingly, these email providers claim to put privacy as their top priority.

Edison is ranked as the 58th most popular productivity email app on the Apple app store with a 4.6/5 star rating. On its website, the provider says that it can "access and process" customers' emails. Yet, Edison did not choose to put a disclaimer that it shares the collected data for profit. Motherboard interviewed some of Edison's users, and the results are somewhat surprising - people are not aware that the provider sells their data.

Ironically, Edison appears to be a company that offers free email applications and, at the same time, provides scraped data to companies of e-commerce, finance, and travel sectors. "Edison Trends" and "Trends Direct" are tools that supply "detailed behavior patterns to improve your customers' experience and business results," company says.

A few more exposed

Foxintelligence, a parent company for Cleanfox email application, is another provider that mines data from users' inboxes. The research reveals a few names of clients that received Cleanfox users' data: PayPal, Bain & Company, and McKinsey & Company.

Rakuten's Slice is also a free email app that sells pseudonymized data aggregated from customers' inboxes. A Motherboard's dataset shows the specific details that Slice scrapes from its users. Luckily, the company took action and released an option for the customers to opt-out of the sale of their data.

Why you need iOS VPN

Eye-opening reports should be enough for you to take control of your privacy, even if that means saying goodbye to your favorite email app. But before you move to another email provider, you should familiarize yourself with their privacy policies. However, even if some providers do seem to be reliable and trustworthy, it may still log your IP address. The thing is, your IP address is an identification number that exposes your actions online. Luckily, iOS VPN hides and replaces your IP. This way, a VPN for iPhone blows the invasive cyberstalkers away.

How to setup a VPN on iOS for free?

Chances are, you already know what is VPN configuration, but here's a short reminder. By encrypting your traffic, the right iOS VPN app protects you from being tracked. Not only your private information remains safe and sound - iOS VPN brings a lot of other benefits as a bonus on top of that. Atlas VPN is here to bring a genuine change in digital privacy. Grab the best VPN app for iPhone and protect your private data from unwanted snoopers:

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