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46% of C-level executives had been targeted by spyware in 2019

According to data compiled by Atlas VPN, 46% of C-level officers suffered from a spyware attack last year. IT specialists revealed that senior management and C-suite executives are most likely to suffer from a malicious attack within the company.

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Financial fraud reports in the US jumped by 104% in 2020 Q1

According to data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN, financial fraud complaints in the US jumped by over 104% in 2020 Q1 compared to 2019 Q1. Financial identity theft occurs when fraudsters gain access to the victims’ financial information and use it for their gain whilst pretending to be the victim.

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Ransomware attacks spike by 140%, 57% of organizations agree to pay

Data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN reveals, the amounts of demanded ransom payments increased by 140%, comparing the numbers of 2018 to 2019. More and more organizations succumb to blackmail: 57% of organizations settled and paid the ransom during the last 12 months.

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Cyber incidents at NASA surged by 366%

According to data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN, cyber incidents at NASA increased by 366% in 2019. Being one of the nation’s most important federal agencies, this is an alarming finding.

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87 million credential stuffing attacks target US daily

According to Atlas VPN investigation, hackers carry out 87 million credential stuffing attacks on US citizens daily. Credential stuffing is a cyber-attack where fraudsters use large numbers of stolen credentials to log into individuals’ or companies’ accounts.

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Working from home can save the US $4.5 trillion annually

Although the pandemic had brought catastrophic consequences to the business sector, the normalization of working from home may as well bring positive changes. Data acquired by Atlas VPN reveals, by 2030, the US companies can save 4.5 trillion dollars by letting their employees work remotely.

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VPN installs in Hong Kong surged 150 times in the last 7 days

According to Atlas VPN user data, VPN (Virtual Private Network) installs in Hong Kong increased by 150 times in the last 7 days. The rise in the number of installs started on May 21, 2020. In just a single day, the number of installs surged by 520%.

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It Costs $7 For Your Boss to Monitor You Working Remotely

Data compiled by Atlas VPN shows that, on average, managers pay $7 to monitor a single employee. Demand for staff monitoring services has increased three times since the beginning of quarantine, the founder and the chief executive of Hubstaff, a well-known tracking software company, reports.

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Number of breached records surged by 273% in 2020 Q1

According to Atlas VPN investigation, the number of breached records globally surged by 273%, when comparing 2019 Q1 to 2020 Q1. During the first three months of 2020, over 8.4 billion documents got leaked.

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