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US is fighting COVID-19 with 83% of healthcare systems running on outdated software

According to a recent [report by Palo Alto Networks]({b}, summarized and analyzed by Atlas VPN, the US is combating COVID-19 while having 83% of their healthcare systems run on outdated software. The US is taking serious measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading: Trump banned all incoming flights from Europe, Ireland, and the UK.

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VPN usage in Italy rockets by 112% and 53% in the US, amidst coronavirus outbreak

According to Atlas VPN user data, VPN usage in Italy increased by 112% in the last week. Meanwhile, there are already 24,747 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and 1,809 deaths confirmed in the country.

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App with 1 billion downloads found harvesting users’ data

As part of continuous efforts to manage users’ privacy violations, Google removed nearly 600 apps from its app store. Between those was Clean Master, a software granting privacy and antivirus protection.

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Cybercrime annual revenue is 3 times bigger than Walmart’s

According to the latest Atlas VPN research, cybercrime totals $1.5 trillion in revenue annually. In comparison to Walmart, the biggest US company in terms of earnings, cybercrime enjoys 3 times greater gains.

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Over 75% of US households will be at risk to get hacked via voice assistants by 2025

Recent Atlas VPN findings show that voice assistants can get hacked by using ultrasonic waves to imitate voice commands. Ultrasonic waves do not make a sound, which means that the device can get hacked without alerting the owner. In addition, scientists can imitate voice commands using lasers.

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47% Americans Find Identity Theft Worse than Murder, New Report Shows

According to the latest Atlas VPN research, the US residents are way more worried about being hacked than getting murdered. Is such a severe concern for identity theft valid? Indeed, the record-high data breaches provide a reason for these worries. In 2019, hackers exposed a total of 7.9 billion private records.

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