Reasons for getting a VPN for expats

Anton P. | July 19, 2022

A VPN for expats is a solution for anyone moving to study or live in a different country. Leaving your homeland to reside abroad takes courage and support. It is also natural to go through darker periods of feeling homesick or lonely. Luckily, the internet has made it easy to stay in touch with friends and family overseas. 

Therefore, people rely on the open and free internet to contact their loved ones. It is also the primary source for information, services, or entertainment from your home country. 

However, the internet abroad can come with unpleasant surprises, like when ISPs throttle speeds or prevent access. A VPN for expats protects internet connections and helps you maintain access to resources back home. 

Reasons for getting a VPN for expats

What is a VPN? 

A Virtual Private Network is a handy software application when briefly visiting or permanently living abroad. It is an encryption tool, scrambling internet traffic and interfering with many common online tracking practices. A VPN performs the following changes and improvements during digital lifestyle: 

  • Masks your IP address with our identifier in your selected location. 
  • Encrypts internet traffic so that online entities have fewer chances to track you. 
  • Blends your traffic in with other users’ traffic. 
  • Performs other security features. 

So, a VPN for expats will definitely boost users’ security, anonymity, and privacy online. However, some use cases are unique to expats settling in a new country. For instance, the primary advantage of VPN for expats is its IP-changing abilities

Why is a VPN for expats necessary? 

A VPN for expats allows you to retain access to your favorite services. Additionally, it safeguards your data, especially if Internet Service Providers in your new location have more legal opportunities for tracking. So, a VPN performs many changes, all aimed at uplifting security, access, and privacy. 

Here are some reasons why a VPN for expats should be your companion after deciding to relocate to a new country. 

  1. Secures your identity and activities online 

Resettling in a new country requires familiarity with local laws and regulations. One aspect that users might miss is the power given to Internet Service Providers. In some countries, usually those rejecting net neutrality, ISPs have more rights. 

For instance, here are some actions that clients might not consider ethical: 

  • Selling location data to interested parties. 
  • Sharing information on users’ activities. 
  • Dividing traffic into fast and slow lanes depending on destinations. 
  • Outright blocking certain services in favor of others. 

A VPN for expats can alleviate these issues. Internet traffic encryption goes as far as preventing ISPs from knowing what you do online. Additionally, since a VPN hides your actual whereabouts, it also prevents location tracking. 

The same privacy and anonymity upgrades apply when it comes to regular browsing. Various web entities will no longer be able to track your activities and IP address. Thus, you can experience the internet without automatically handing certain information to entities like data brokers

  1. Access to services and websites back home 

Expats rely on VoIP services to contact their family and friends in their homeland. It might be Viber, Telegram, Signal, or Facebook Messenger. However, instant messaging or VoIP services are not available everywhere. 

Depending on your new location, the app might not be available for download. This is the moment when a VPN for expats can resolve such accessibility issues. 

So, a VPN for expats should have a broad server network containing all the locations you need. Specifically, it should operate servers in your country. That will help you access streaming services, news outlets, and social media. 

  1. Prices from back home 

Price differences in regions can vary drastically. So, after moving to a country deemed capable of paying more, you will notice a steep price increase. Luckily, a VPN could be a solution to beating unfair price discrimination based on location. 

You can easily change your IP address to your home country to retrieve goods at the usual prices. For instance, you can buy software, games, or other online services like you used to back home. 

A VPN for expats can also give you access to more affordable flights and booking options. So, you can visit your friends and family without breaking the bank. 

  1. Supporting fast connections

A VPN for expats should not diminish your internet connectivity. Therefore, server optimization and modern protocols are necessary. For instance, Atlas VPN operates 750 servers in 43 locations. 

So, all users should find their home countries. Additionally, the number of servers contributes to better performance. If you ever notice slower performance, try connecting to other servers. A practical option is connecting to servers in your new home. 

Connect to nearby servers whenever you connect to a VPN for expats exclusively to stay safe and private. Distance does play a role in internet speed when connected to a VPN. Thus, whenever possible, use servers closer to your current location. 

  1. Watch local sports and TV channels

A VPN for expats offers assistance when TV broadcasters in your new country do not provide international channels. So, you might struggle with watching events happening in your homeland. A VPN grants you a local IP address which might be required to watch these channels online. 

In other cases, certains streaming providers might get blocked in particular locations. If you pick such countries as your new home, you won’t have easy access to your usual services. A VPN for expats might also help in this case, as long as VPN usage does not interfere with providers’ user guidelines. 

  1. Protection on free Wi-Fi 

Protecting data on free Wi-Fi is a priority whether in your home country or abroad. A VPN for expats guarantees that all connections to public networks are more immune to snooping. The danger of data theft increases in unfamiliar settings. Therefore, make it a rule to activate a VPN before joining unknown networks. 

Why is public Wi-Fi dangerous? Well, the hacker could perform a man-in-the-middle attack. It means that they position themselves between you and the connection point. As a result, they get to retrieve submitted information, activity logs, and more. A VPN stops this by encrypting data, delivering safety even on unsafe websites and networks. 

  1. Be at two places at the same time

A VPN for expats should offer split tunneling. For instance, say you wish to stay protected but access your online banking account. Banks sometimes flag or block logins made while connected to a VPN. Split tunneling means that you get to protect activities on certain apps while retaining the usual connection to others. 

Atlas VPN for expats ticks all the boxes

Atlas VPN for expats has a bundle of features, helping them stay close to home or virtually visit any country. We offer 750 servers in over 40 locations. So, you will likely find both your homeland and the new region. 

Besides a broad server network, Atlas VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV/FireStick. You can always visit our Help Center or consult our customer support specialists if you encounter issues. 

We also have a number of security features, like SafeBrowse and SafeSwap servers. So, if you are looking for a quality VPN service, you cannot go wrong with Atlas VPN. And during the summer, we have the sweetest deal for you. Atlas VPN for expats and travelers offers you to pay for a 1-year subscription and get additional three months free! Our 30-day money-back guarantee also protects each purchase of this exclusive deal.

Get all benefits VPN can provide

Get all benefits VPN can provide

Experience the internet without limits — no geo-blocks, censorship, or tracking. Atlas VPN is your daily companion for a more open & secure internet!
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