Proper Facebook etiquette 101: rules to follow

Anton P. | February 28, 2023

Facebook etiquette suggests how users should act on this social network. The rules guide our chats, status updates, and general posting on Facebook. 

Being polite and respectful to others is likely the golden rule. However, social media plays an essential role in our lives. 

It is not only a place to post photos from vacation. Some users rely on it for news and information. Thus, following social media etiquette has never been more essential. 

Learn about Facebook etiquette, how to post, comment and share responsibly.

What is Facebook etiquette? 

Facebook etiquette rules are, like netiquette, guidelines for being a conscious internet user. It is essential to be respectful and tolerant of others, even during heated arguments. 

Be better on Facebook by following basic etiquette rules: 

  • Users can share opinions freely if they do not hurt or insult others. 
  • It is best to avoid bad language like swear words or offensive comments. 
  • You should respond to friend requests. Reject offers if you want to keep them from your friends list. 
  • Avoid posting unflattering photos and consult them before tagging them in anything. 

Ten social media etiquette rules users should follow 

Facebook etiquette protects users from hurting reputations or sharing content best kept secret.

  1. Avoid spreading fake news 

Social media etiquette makes you reconsider posting news and facts from unknown sources. Fake news tends to spread quickly as they contain shocking information. 

Your job is to resist posting about it. If you engage in such posts, Facebook algorithms will likely push similar posts later. 

So, you might get stuck in a doomscrolling cycle. 

  1. Never partake in online harassment 

Hateful comments and harassment are common on social media. However, Facebook etiquette means you do not participate in such activities. 

Be respectful to other members even if you disagree with them. Share opinions without falling for traps set by internet trolls.

  1. Think twice before posting or commenting 

Facebook etiquette suggests not sharing opinions recklessly. It is helpful to sit back and rethink your post. We recommend asking these questions:

  • Is it offensive? 
  • Can someone misunderstand it? 
  • Are you fine letting your employer or parents see it? 
  • Is the information shared accurate? 
  • What is your reasoning behind posting this? 
  1. Avoid announcing personal good and bad news 

Facebook etiquette asks you to share news with your inner circle before going public.

Your friends, family, or significant others should receive your important news directly. Posting about unfortunate events or joyous moments is not the same as sharing them personally. 

  1. Facebook Marketplace selling etiquette 

Facebook Marketplace is popular for selling old items or getting affordable deals. However, remember specific Facebook etiquette rules when posting or asking about things. 

  • Buyers should ensure that items on sale are safe and accurate to their descriptions. 
  • First come, first served is one of the rules of Facebook Marketplace. 
  • If you ask about a product and commit to buying it, do not disappear by ignoring the seller. 
  • Do not require unnecessary information about the buyer or seller. 
  • Sellers should offer a fair price, and buyers should not haggle too much. 
  • Conversations about marketplace items should happen on Facebook. Be wary of Facebook Marketplace scams that might occur.
  1. Do not post fake business reviews 

Proper etiquette extends to reviews posted on businesses’ Facebook pages. There might be various reasons for posting fake reviews. However, no reasoning is enough for slander and harassment. 

  1. Do not tag other people too much 

Tagging close or mutual friends frequently can become irritating. You might find specific posts useful and important. However, Facebook etiquette should keep you from tagging friends or family too much.

  1. Do not expose other people’s information without their permission

Facebook etiquette suggests never sharing others’ pictures or personal details without consent. If a friend posted sensitive information, it could become a doxxing incident.

  1. Never share pictures of someone’s children

You should never post pictures of other people’s children without their parents’ consent. While you might do it with good intentions, parents might see it differently. 

Facebook etiquette suggests posting information that you have permission to share.

  1. Do not share disturbing content via personal messages

Social media etiquette also guides how to communicate with your Facebook friends and family. 

For instance, try not to spam them with messages or suddenly share disturbing content. Due to shoulder surfing, ensure that a person is alone to see your private messages.

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