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Guide on how to stop email tracking

Email tracking indicates that by simply opening an email, we give up more privacy than expected. Isn’t it efficient to track the exact…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

Learn how to delete Google Voice Search history

Okay, Google: delete Google voice search history. Instead of typing search queries, you might simply give Google a verbal command. However…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

How to find free Wi-Fi and stay safe

Most users are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi. The reason is simple: the hunt for public hotspots helps consumers save money on mobile…

HOW-TO | 5 min Read

How to delete Facebook account for good

The verdict to delete Facebook account is one of the ways to retire from social media. Sometimes, we all feel the urge to throw in the towel…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

How to find your router IP address

Your router IP address is the essential component of the home router configuration. Without the period-separated string, you cannot change…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Principles to know about WebRTC and how to disable it

WebRTC is the standard component of browsers that permits real-time communications and peer-to-peer sharing. It powers the multimedia…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

How to use Atlas VPN to stream your favorite sports events

Some sports streaming events have set geographical boundaries, making them available only in specific locations. Most streaming websites log IP addresses to determine the user's location.

HOW-TO | 2 min Read

What is Incognito Mode and can you trust it?

Much like it sounds, Incognito Mode is a popular setting that allows you to go undercover when browsing the net. The feature instantly stops…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

What is the MAC address, how to find and protect it?

MAC address, the hard-coded sequence linked to every network adapter, is essential for simultaneous and smooth networking. All gadgets…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read