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How to set up file encryption on Windows and Mac

File encryption is one of the most effective methods to keep your data secure. Chances are, you do have some sensitive information on your…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

PS4 VPN elevates gaming and offers a full-on privacy shield

Preparing a PS4 VPN is slightly more complicated than using a VPN in a conventional environment like your smartphone. However, this option…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Installing a VPN on router? The how and why explained

Setting up a VPN on routers might sound like a hassle. The standard choice, especially for newbies, is to install VPN apps on their devices.

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

Change location and mask IP address: instant privacy boost

An IP address is your identity card online, revealing your geolocation and helping vendors build profiles according to your browsing habits. People choose to change location and conceal their [IP addresses]({b} when they do not want to share such data with random websites.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Set up VPN client on Android

Gone are the days when what you did on the internet was no one’s concern. Luckily, a VPN client is what can make the internet perform just how you like it.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

3 simple steps on how to setup VPN for free

The setup of a lot of VPN services can be quite complex. It is only natural that various technical terms can sound scary, but please fear not! Installing the VPN app, logging into your account, and hitting the button "Connect" is everything you need to do in order to achieve the full setup of a VPN.

HOW-TO | 2 min Read

Can’t make your VPN connect? Here’s what to do

You are probably aware of what is a VPN connection, and understand that it is a complex cybersecurity technology. Even though the VPN service is developed to be working without a hitch, there can be times, when you won’t be able to make your VPN connect out of a sudden.

HOW-TO | 2 min Read

How to watch Hulu outside the US

What is Hulu? In the US, Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms that offer the most popular movies and TV shows online. You can watch Hulu shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “South Park”, “CSI”, “Modern Family” and many more.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

VPN speed up a fix for iPhone’s 11 location tracking bug

Can VPN speed such a process up? The new Apple iPhone 11 version was released back in September 2019. Yet, the company must fix a interesting flaw.

HOW-TO | 2 min Read

How to change IP and online location

Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number internet provider assigns to your device. Since the number can be used to identify you, it’s crucial to know how to change IP you were given.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Beginner's guide to Virtual Private Network services

Freedom is what’s supposed to make the internet different from other media platforms–but, considering some data scandals, one can assume it’s not so free. Someone is always watching what you do online, but you can stop it by using a Virtual Private Network service or VPN for short.

HOW-TO | 3 min Read