How to use Netflix to its full potential?

Ruth C. | April 24, 2020

Learning how to use Netflix opens the gate to a rich and diverse library of shows. While the original collection is enormous, users from different countries might receive only a small portion of it.

The slight or not so subtle deviations occur due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the differing copyright agreements. Besides giving you some tips on how to bypass geo-restrictions, we will also review a bunch of useful Netflix setup tricks for first-time users. Some of them might even be new to Netflix veterans.

Netflix’s growth spurt during the pandemic

With millions of people in self-quarantine due to COVID-19, Netflix is one of the few companies that thrive under the stay-at-home regime. During the first three months of 2020, Netflix broke all its records by getting more than 16 million subscribers. The new clients learn how to use Netflix and become proud members of this extensive network.

The pandemic also brought the Netflix Party extension to the spotlight, allowing people to watch shows together remotely. The extension syncs the movies or shows for all viewers, and you can select who has the privilege to play, pause, or rewind the video content. The setup process is beginner-friendly, meaning anyone can quickly master how to use Netflix Party and unite friends for a remote movie night.

How to use Netflix : tips and tricks to make streaming more pleasant

The first step of this Netflix user guide is to make sure that you have a device compatible with this service. It works on a myriad of devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, streaming media players, etc.

Once you are ready to commit, visit the official Netflix website and pick the plan you prefer. After finishing the setup, you are ready to use the service. But how to get Netflix?

Simply install the app on your preferred device (Google Play, Apple Store or Microsoft Store). You can find the Netflix app on your smart TV by accessing available apps or use it through the official Netflix website.

Another convenient feature is to learn how to connect Netflix to TV from phone devices.

The standard trick is to open the Netflix app on your smartphone and find the Cast icon. Then, you can select the closeby TV to stream your content.

It is as simple as that! This small tip works wonders when the smartphone screen does not render video content with the expected quality.

How to use Netflix with VPN ?

Online streaming services tend to display a repertoire according to users’ geolocation. Viewers from the US are the luckiest: after the initial Netflix setup, they get access to the full library.

However, people from other regions are not as fortunate. The video content they see differs from country to country, with Albania being one of the least fortunate examples. Its residents get access to approximately 3% of the original Netflix content. Naturally, people look for options to bypass these geo-restrictions and stream all available content.

Bear in mind that a VPN is capable of so much more than unlocking geo-restricted content. Besides this, a VPN prevents marketers, companies, government entities, and platforms from tracking your online activity. Concerns over privacy online are dominant in the cybersecurity industry.

Therefore, you should prioritize the use of VPN for that full-time protection. Nevertheless, learning how to use Netflix and applying a strong VPN guarantees that you can choose from a vast repertoire of shows to binge-watch.

Let’s get down to business: how to use Netflix and get access to the same quality content as fellow Americans?

A VPN service allows you to embark on a journey through all available shows, be it a shocking crime investigation or a binge-worthy reality show. However, before you pick your partner for this quest, you should consider several points.

Picking the most suitable VPN

• Netflix does not strictly prohibit the use of VPNs. However, it might display the detected proxy error message. It occurs when people attempt to stream content through a proxy server or VPN. Therefore, when learning how to use Netflix without geo-restrictions, pay attention to the services and servers that do not trigger this error message.

Atlas VPN will help you access a broader range of content on Netflix. We continuously test our product to make sure that it delivers quality services to our users.

• Server coverage is also an important factor when learning how to use Netflix with VPNs. You need to find out which servers are available.

In the case of Atlas VPN, you can easily connect to a range of servers: United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Australia.

• You will enjoy a smoother experience with a robust VPN service. Users frequently share their insights on learning how to use Netflix, especially when it comes to the VPN speed. Therefore, you will easily find testimonials on which apps are the most suitable for online streaming without geo-restrictions.

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