How to unblock YouTube content unavailable in your region

Ruth C. | July 17, 2020

The options to unblock YouTube content are relevant to thousands of people as we all want to have equal access rights online. For some, YouTube is a powerful ecosystem of free speech, uniting creators worldwide. However, the fight against internet censorship reaches YouTube, even though most visitors are oblivious to it. The censorship on this online video-sharing platform roams to varying degrees in many regions. So, let’s observe why some audiences come face-to-face with the “Video unavailable” screen and how to unblock YouTube content.

Reasons behind censorship on YouTube

Before introducing the steps to unblock YouTube, you should learn why access control and limitations occur on YouTube. While some geo-blocks can be the principal factor reinforcing censorship, some are simply a matter of preference. Enterprises can limit access to establish a circle of targeted customers. For the most part, there are three main possibilities when you might need to unblock YouTube:

  • Licensing. After proving to be eligible YouTube video creators, channel managers can enable the “Block by Country” feature. It will allow the creators to limit access to their content according to viewers’ geo-locations. However, not all media content owners can implement such restrictions. Channels with such privileges need to have a significant subscriber community and produce original content only. For instance, music artists frequently choose to conceal their videos from specific countries.
  • Adhering to local laws. Internet censorship differs across the globe. In some countries, such geo-regulations are close to nonexistent, while others face severe oppression. YouTube complies with governments’ decisions and blocks certain content for heavily censored regions.
  • Regulations at schools or workplaces. YouTube is one of the entertainment sources that networks’ managers choose to exclude. Employers or educators might see YouTube as a distraction. Luckily, you can circumvent such rules by using several tricks.

The opportunity to unblock YouTube content is also relevant to users who would like to try YouTube TV. With no international launch plans, this internet television is one of the services that target customers from the US exclusively. Recently, the price of YouTube TV spiked, and the service bravely entered the traditional cable pricing territory. Curious to explore the 70 hosted channels on this streaming TV? Then, you will need to make some alterations to unblock YouTube TV.

How to unblock YouTube

  • Proxy server. While effective to an extent, proxies are not highly inclusive. They work on the environment users set it on. In other words, a proxy on a browser won’t work on desktop programs. However, proxy servers do conceal your real IP address from digital services. The downside is that many businesses establish advanced proxy-blocking technologies. For instance, Netflix can easily recognize when someone attempts to connect via a proxy. When attempting to unblock YouTube, you might get a “Proxy detected” message as well. Hence, you won’t be able to access it without a more sophisticated technology at your disposal.
  • Smart DNS. This option has its limitations but manages to mask users’ real locations. Once you make the necessary DNS shift, you can reroute your traffic through another server and mimic different whereabouts. It does have its benefits: alterations of DNS entries do not impact the speed. However, using smart DNS to unblock YouTube won’t offer additional benefits in terms of cybersecurity.
  • A VPN to unblock YouTube. Usually, a VPN works like a charm when it comes to bypassing geo-blocks. These tools offer servers scattered all over the map to give you a range of locations. Furthermore, a VPN performs resilient encryption to safeguard web traffic and all your online communications. Besides expanding your reach online, you can have faith in a VPN to prevent crooks from exploiting your data. So, this multi-purpose solution is the optimal solution. Download the VPN, connect to an appropriate server, and unblock YouTube without any hassle.
Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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