Get Spotify unblocked and listen to favorite tunes anywhere

Anton P. | October 14, 2021

Getting Spotify unblocked at school or work lets you ditch the deafening silence and listen to your favorite tunes. Spotify supplies a non-stop medley of songs for its users. It is the home for diverse content creators, be it musical artists or podcast gurus. However, Spotify can be a distraction, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Thus, school boards or corporate representatives can block Spotify like other dangerously addictive platforms. Additionally, some Spotify content can be region-exclusive, meaning that only specific audiences get to listen to it.

Get Spotify unblocked and listen to favorite tunes anywhere

Why is Spotify blocked?

Usually, getting Spotify unblocked relates to the network managers halting access to this service. Schools or other educational institutions can restrict access on their official networks. Thus, every time students attempt to visit Spotify; their requests lead nowhere.

We can clearly distinguish several reasons for needing Spotify unblocked. Most of them can relate to copyright agreements or rights holders’ decisions. We will discuss such circumstances in the next section. However, technical issues can also render particular Spotify content unavailable. If you lose access to certain songs rather suddenly, try to reinstall the app. If the issue persists, the licensing might have changed.

Spotify is an international sensation, meaning that the majority of interested clients can sign up for it. However, the music streaming service is unavailable in countries like Iran, China, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. It has a lot to do with government decisions, censorship, licenses, and minimizing foreign influence.

You can use a VPN to get Spotify unblocked. However, please act in accordance with legal provisions in your country.

Rundown of reasons and ways Spotify gets blocked

  • Blocking. Specific organizations or network owners might purposefully block Spotify. For instance, concerned parents might do it to ensure their children do not access unwholesome content.
  • Firewalls. Spotify issues can occur due to firewalls deeming its traffic as unsafe. You can evade this by adding an exception for Spotify.
  • Geo-restrictions. The music-streaming service delivers its content nearly everywhere, be it Senegal or Vietnam. However, there are regions in which users cannot sign up for Spotify. The unfortunate list includes countries like Iran, China, and India.
  • Copyright, licensing, and distribution rights. A lot of legwork is necessary to bring content worldwide. For instance, every record label assigns different parties, managing the catalogs by country. Sometimes content gets removed from Spotify due to sudden licensing changes. Since acquiring deals for each country independently takes time, the content significantly differs. For instance, American record labels might not express interest in streaming their songs in certain European regions. Thus, you might notice greyed-out tracks, meaning that they are unavailable in your country. You can also take a look at our research analyzing how music streaming services pay their artists.

Spotify blocked at work

Employers might enforce strict policies on their teams’ activities during work hours. Thus, corporate networks can diligently block access to platforms like Spotify. Whether you can hinder this restriction depends on your job contract. For instance, employers might strictly forbid the use of Virtual Private Networks or proxies. Thus, using such tools at work could lead to problems or warnings against such behavior.

Overall, you can get Spotify unblocked at work if it does not violate any policies in place. After all, you might listen to podcasts as white noise, blocking office sounds and diving deep into your tasks. You can consult your employer about the reasons behind halting access to Spotify, too.

Spotify unavailable while traveling

As mentioned above, Spotify is not available in every country on the map. If you travel to such areas, your subscription will be futile. In other cases, you will not be able to play certain tracks.

Thus, traveling abroad could mean that you lose access to most of your playlist. If the trip is short, the inconvenience is minimal. However, what if you stay abroad for an extended period? Getting Spotify unblocked might become a more pressing issue.

How to get Spotify unblocked?

There are several tricks to get Spotify working on your device. For instance, network managers might leave gaps in their blocking methods. Thus, you might be able to obviate it by:

  • Opening the mobile version of Spotify.
  • Trying different browsers (if restrictions apply only to certain browsers).
  • Entering Spotify via its IP address.
  • Using Tor browser to access Spotify services.
  • Configuring Google Public DNS if network managers use OpenDNS to restrict access.

You can also circumvent blocks at schools or on other networks without much legwork. All it takes is downloading a VPN to get your traffic rerouted. Then, the precautions applied by a particular institution should no longer apply. Also, you can open private Spotify sessions to stop friends from seeing what you listen to.

Of course, we do not condone violations of copyright or Spotify’s terms of service. Nevertheless, bypassing school or workplace restrictions can depend on the guidelines instated by these entities. You can also follow similar guidelines for YouTube content.

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