How to change NAT type on PC and consoles like PS4

Anton P. | June 16, 2020

Learning how to change NAT type is useful when PS4, Xbox One, or PC cannot join/host multiplayer games. 

Network Address Translation (NAT) settings determine with whom you can play online. It also facilitates voice chats, meaning sometimes teammates might not hear each other. 

This article provides steps for how to change the NAT type on devices used for online gaming. Resolve connectivity issues and enjoy multiplayer games without interruptions. 

What NAT is

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a solution to the growing number of internet-connected devices. The creators of IPv4 believed that 4.5 billion IPv4 addresses are a sufficient number. 

However, with new devices connecting to the internet daily, IPv4 technology is no longer enough to meet the demand. Instead of assigning individual IP addresses to all internet-connected devices, NAT makes them share the same one.

Hence, NAT emerged as the standard for reusing IP addresses and guaranteeing smoother digital space. IPv4 address exhaustion refers to the depletion of the IPv4 protocol and the introduction of IPv6.

Port Address Translation (PAT) (or NAT Overload) allows multiple devices on LAN to communicate using the same public IP address. 

NAT types 

Before explaining how to change NAT type, we should go over through available types:

  • Open NAT is the least restrictive type. Users can play with teammates of any type and host multiplayer games.
  • Moderate NAT type is also an option, as it lets you play with most types. However, hosting games can be a problem if teammates have a Strict NAT type.
  • Strict NAT is the most restrictive option as users can only play with people with Open NAT type. Hosting is also unavailable. 

Here are how each type interacts with the other:


Static NAT and dynamic NAT are also two different ways to differentiate. They differ since static NAT lets remote hosts interact with translated hosts. However, an access list needs to allow this connection. 

How to change NAT type on PC 

If you are gaming with multiple people on Steam or Epic Games, you should not have any issues related to NAT. Game services perform NAT punchthrough, facilitating smoother connections between players. 

Check NAT type: 

When playing games on your computer, you should find your NAT type within the game. However, you can also check it outside the game:

  1. Use your router IP address to enter the router admin panel.
  2. Type in the router IP address in your preferred browser. 
  3. You should find NAT type via the router settings.

Change NAT type:

You can enable Network Discovery on your computer to facilitate smoother multiplayer gaming. 

  1. Open Windows settings and click on Network and Internet.
  2. Go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Open Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  4. Enable it by clicking Turn on Network Discovery

How to change NAT type on PS5

If your current NAT type restricts your gaming experience, follow these steps to change it: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on the PS5 console. 
  2. Open Network.
  3. Check your Connection Status to learn which type you currently use. 
  4. If you encounter multiplayer problems, the type is likely Moderate or Strict.
  5. PS5 lists NAT types differently: Type 1 is Open, Type 2 is Moderate, and Type 3 is Strict
  6. It is not possible to change the type through gaming consoles. Instead, you need to open specific ports. 
  7. We recommend reading about port forwarding before proceeding. Consider the security risks of opening certain ports.
  8. Log into your router admin panel and navigate to the Port forwarding menu. 
  9. You can set the Open NAT type by opening the following ports: TCP: 1935, 3478-3480. UDP: 3074, 3478-3479. Read on TCP and UDP to learn more about these protocols.

How to change NAT type on PS4

You may also follow the instructions for how to change NAT type on PS5. 


Instead of port forwarding, you may try the DMZ option. 

It refers to a demilitarized zone, and it can expose users to many security risks. So, it is not a recommended way to change NAT types and facilitate gaming. 


UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is a way to permit devices to connect by forwarding ports automatically. This option also carries security risks. Thus, consider the dangers that might arise due to UPnP. 

Here is how you can enable UPnP: 

  1. Use your router IP address to access the router admin panel. 
  2. Use correct credentials to access the panel. 
  3. Look for settings related to UPnP and enable it. 

After you enable UPnP, it means that necessary ports will automatically open upon request. That also means that you won’t experience issues with incompatible types. 

Be cautious of UPnP and choose other options (like port forwarding) for more secure ways to access the internet. 

How to change NAT type on Xbox One

Changing NAT type on Xbox follows the same steps as we have mentioned. Mostly, you have these options: 

  1. Port forwarding;
  2. UPnP;
  3. DMZ.

If you do not want the Open NAT type, you can coordinate with your teammates to have the Moderate type.

You should always stay secure when connected to the internet. Thus, avoid opening unnecessary ports or keeping them accessible for too long.

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