Data breaches of 2019: Can USA VPN users win this battle?

Anton P. | January 23, 2020

With an increase in data breaches, concerns around online privacy have become far more important – the number of USA VPN users is growing. Yet, a recent study claims that 2019 is the year, when there’s a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds in the USA alone.

Each year, billions of people suffer from various types of data breaches and hacks. A major data breach happens almost every day, with some of them not being discovered days, months, or even years after that. The truth is, much of your data may have already been exposed without your knowledge. So, can USA VPN service users win this cyber-attack battle?

What are the three largest data breaches and leaks of 2019?

  1. Collections #1-5: approximately 3 billion leaked accounts.
  2. Cloud service leak: 2.3 billion sensitive files and 11 million exposed private images.
  3. WhatsApp a.k.a Pegasus breach: 1.5 billion users possibly affected.

Can USA VPN users secure themselves from being victims?

It is important to understand that there is always a possibility to become the next victim of a gruesome cyber-attack. Due to frequently happening data leaks, online users should not be less attuned to the privacy risks of their own. Instead, occurring data breaches should be enough for people to finally take digital privacy into their own hands. Not only the number of leaks is rising steadily in the United States; billions of people all around the globe were affected only this year.

Indeed, with today’s security concerns, the number of USA VPN users is increasing. Yet, the country remains the most popular target for data breaches and hacks. So, how can USA citizens protect themselves with a VPN online?

Is there a way?

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel. Your real IP address and location becomes hidden. For instance, you connect to USA VPN server - from this moment, the VPN tunnel will encrypt all the data you send or receive. Even though you are located in the USA physically, and there will be no location changes when connected to the USA VPN, you will still remain covered. A remote server will make sure that your connection wouldn't be intercepted.

What if we would tell you that your online protection can be costless? “Nothing comes free”, you would say. Well, Atlas VPN, a free VPN access provider launched in the USA, will prove this wrong. All this, while keeping the strictest no-logs policy and not pushing ads to its users. If the free version seems not enough, the Premium plan with extra features to boost your online experience is a few clicks away.

Adding to that, unblocking geo-restricted contents comes as a bonus of VPN. Within a few seconds, you can change your geo-location by connecting to any country VPN provider offers. Accessing various geo-restricted streams that may not be available in your home country can be as easy as that. Sounds too good to be true? Well, free VPN to access streams such as USA Netflix is now a reality, not a fantasy.


There is hardly a reason to delay getting your online security guard. Even if you are not currently residing in the States, we have the next step for you. Free USA VPN download button is right below, click it and finally have that peace of mind.

Anton P.

Anton P.

Former chef and the head of Atlas VPN blog team. He's an experienced cybersecurity expert with a background of technical content writing.



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