An analysis of the top 10 most cybercrime-ridden states

Edward G. | May 18, 2021

According to Atlas VPN analysis, the top 10 US states by losses to cybercrime are California, New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Colorado. 

Last year, citizens in these states lost $2.39 billion to various types of internet crime. In the earliest reporting period - 2013, losses reached $327.89 million. Meaning, accumulated monetary damages in these states jumped by 629% over an eight-year period. 

The data is compiled from the last eight annual Internet Crime Reports published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI shares data provided by victims from all over the country to alert US citizens to the ever-increasing rates of internet crime. 

To no surprise, California experienced the largest damages in 2020. Californians lost over $621 million in 2020 and a staggering $2.55 billion since 2013. 

The average annual loss growth (AAGR) of cybercrime damages reaches 33% in sunny California. On a similar note,  financial losses per year jumped by 491% when comparing 2013 to 2020. 

The second place goes to the largest city in the US - New York. Here, people lost nearly $416 million in 2020. The total losses from cybercrime amount to $1.15 billion, counting from 2013.

The average annual growth rate of losses to cybercrime exceeds that of California and stands at 50%. In 2013, New Yorkers lost $38 million to internet crime, which means that in the eight-year span, damages grew by 993%.

Texas takes third place, with close to $314 million in capital loss last year. Through the last eight years, fraudsters swindled over $1.01 billion from unsuspecting citizens. 

Texans lost $56 million in 2013. Meaning, cybercrime damages in Texas jumped by 455% from 2013 to 2020. Here, AAGR stands at 30%, which is the lowest of the top 10 states. 

Fourth is Florida, with $295 million in losses to various types of internet crime. From 2013 until 2020, citizens in Florida lost a whopping $1.16 billion of their hard-earned money. 

Floridians lost close to $49 million in 2013, and from then on, damages increased by an average of 33% per year. Here, monetary losses surged by 462% in the last eight years. 

The fifth place on the list goes to Ohio, with $170 million in losses last year. Here, victims lost substantially less money in the eight-year span than victims in states higher up the list, at $624 million. 

Ohioans lost $12 million in 2013, and from then on, the AAGR was 66%. In addition, cybercrime in Ohio has skyrocketed by 1,228% since 2013. 

States 6-10 on the list

Illinois is sixth, with accumulated damages reaching $486 million. Since 2013, losses jumped by 846% in the Land of Lincoln, with an average annual growth rate of 40%.

Missouri stands at seventh place with $232 million total monetary damages in the eight-year stretch. This state has the highest internet crime growth rate, as Missourians lost only $5.8 million in 2013, which means that damages jumped by 1,882%.

Pennsylvania is eighth on the list, with total losses reaching $391 million. AAGR is at 35%, and the increase from 2013 to 2020 is at 421%. 

Second to last is Virginia, where citizens lost a total of $380 million since 2013. The average annual growth rate is 38%. Losses jumped by 400% from 2013 to 2020. 

The Centennial State - Colorado, is the last on the list with accumulated losses of $308 million. AAGR is 43%, and internet crime damages have soared by 849% since 2013.

As a final note, we urge people not only in the US but worldwide to consider the analysis provided. Cybercrime will not stop anytime soon, which means that you should stay more vigilant than ever before.

Edward G.

Edward G.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. My mission is to scan the ever-evolving cybercrime landscape to inform the public about the latest threats.



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