A Stable VPN Access as the First Line of Defence Against Tracking

Ruth C. | May 26, 2020

A secure VPN access is unarguably one of the most cost-effective and modern solutions to users’ lack of privacy online. While distinct reasons compel users to apply VPNs, checking whether a specific VPN service is equal to the task is crucial. Even if you are eager to start your restriction-free journey on the web, take your time to consider several factors. Some security measures have a pivotal role in protecting you against networking issues, security flaws, and potential data breaches. Hence, before you board the VPN access train, make sure that a service is capable of meeting the challenge.

Get VPN access to be anonymous and untraceable online

Establishing a VPN access has never been easier. You simply find the best-suited product on the market, download it into your preferred device, and start browsing. A VPN is an around-the-clock service that works as an anonymous and encrypted middleman between your device and the internet. Instead of being the subject of constant monitoring and tracking online, you become invisible. Hence, not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can keep track of you as you bounce from one website to the other.

VPN access interrupted: what happens then?

VPN access works relentlessly, but this does not mean that a VPN service cannot be affected by external interruptions. Hence, your secure tunnel might hinder due to weak Wi-Fi signals and frequent disconnections. The disruption of VPN access is possible when you switch between a Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile internet. Additionally, experts note that some firewalls or antivirus programs might block the VPN access. The latter block is relatively easy to fix: simply add your VPN to your firewall’s list of exceptions.

A VPN kill-switch feature refers to the protective measures that apply if a VPN access stops working unexpectedly. A kill switch temporarily blocks your access to the internet and apps to prevent the accidental exposure of your data and IP address. Once you fix the networking or hardware issues, the VPN will lift these restrictions and function normally again.

Multi-factor authentication

Some VPN services provide their customers with a username and password to log into their accounts. Without these credentials, they won’t be able to get the VPN access and traverse their web traffic through a secure and encrypted tunnel. However, even the most reputable digital services are not immune to data breaches, leaving thousands of users vulnerable to identity theft.

Hence, you should consider applying multi-factor authentication (MFA), which adds a layer of defense in case of accidental data leakage. Even if suspicious actors manage to associate your username with a password, they won’t be able to log into your account. However, if you reuse the same passwords for multiple accounts, be sure to change them if your preferred combination becomes public.

Protection against DNS leaks

The Domain Name System (DNS) makes it possible to browse the internet seamlessly. When you type a domain name you want to visit, it is automatically associated with a specific IP address. After the DNS server supplies the appropriate IP address, you can swiftly connect to the website. Once you establish VPN access, it manages all these DNS requests for you. However, there might be cases that security flaws prevent the smooth flow of DNS queries, directing them to the DNS server of your ISP without the appropriate encryption and encapsulation.

This issue with the VPN access might occur due to an inadequate operating system, recent alteration of your system preferences, or faulty manual setup of a VPN. However, some less professional VPN providers might fail to offer advanced protection against DNS leaks. For this purpose, security advocates have designed tests to challenge VPN providers. They determine whether a VPN properly manages DNS queries and prevents them from reaching the original DNS servers of your ISP.

Always-on VPN access for free

Here at Atlas VPN, we always strive to provide the best user experience. We continue to grow and offer the industry-standard solutions to make your browsing more private and secure. By signing up for a free trial, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, ultra-fast VPN access, and privacy on the go. Also, Atlas VPN integrates rock solid protection against DNS leaks and does not require you to create an account for using our service.

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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