5 reasons to hide IP address

Ruth C. | March 02, 2020

If you don’t hide IP address every click you make on the Internet is tracked. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique identification number, it is interconnected with your device and all actions online. It’s a part of your online identity, which is even linked to your physical location. Luckily enough, you can keep the right to protect your personal information by hiding it.

Why should you want to hide IP address

  1. Leave no trace on websites.

Every web page you visit gets to know your IP. They collect information about your online behavior and use your digital fingerprint to target with the right content later on. Don’t be surprised if you are bombed with advertisements of the product right after you search for it. Marketers tailor the ads in a personalized and precise way - there’s a full buyer’s profile created on you. If you hide IP online, there are no space for privacy intrusion. So, it is one of the strongest reasons for hiding IP.

  1. Get past censorship.

There are governments that censor the internet for their citizens and limit the accessibility of certain content to attack free speech. Aside from blocking certain parts of the Internet, governments can also spy on everything you do online. Also, some parts of the Internet is restricted in schools or workplaces. When you hide IP address to that is situated in a different country, the Internet is free again.

  1. Access geo-restricted content.

Much like sidestepping governmental online censorships, by getting the foreign IP address you can access TV shows or movies that are not available in your home country. A good example is Netflix - some of the content is only visible in selected countries. If you hide IP, you can get around any geographical restrictions as if you are indeed located in another region.

  1. Protect yourself against hackers.

Each year, billions of people become victims of surveillance and data breaches. Social security numbers, bank account details, usernames, and passwords - you send out all of this enormously sensitive information over the Internet every day. The harsh truth is, it’s enough to know your IP to execute an identity theft for someone who’s interested enough. Not if you hide your IP address - you can not trace a new IP.

  1. Safely use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

As convenient it might be, using a free public Wi-Fi network is the biggest threat to your online privacy. Such types of hotspots are often targeted by hackers as they aren’t secured in any way. By breaking into a public network, a snooper can get access to all connected devices in one go. But if you hide IP address, no one can identify or target you.

How to block my IP address from tracking?

There are several ways to hide IP in an easy way, but the most secure and effective method is to use a VPN. Virtual Private Network will change your IP by encrypting your traffic through a private tunnel. Due to complex VPN configuration, your data evolve to an unreadable gibberish code that is impossible to intercept for any snooper.

To hide IP address on VPN app you will spend no longer than a few seconds. The best part of it - Atlas VPN is here to hide IP address for free! Don’t wait another minute - hide your IP with VPN here:

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

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