3 simple steps on how to setup VPN for free

Edward G. | March 18, 2020

The setup of a lot of VPN services can be quite complex. It is only natural that various technical terms can sound scary, but please fear not! Installing the VPN app, logging into your account, and hitting the button "Connect" is everything you need to do in order to achieve the full setup of a VPN. Your security should not be complex. Even more, your online protection can be costless. Thus, it is important to choose a free VPN that offers simple setup procedures and user-friendly platform.

So, how to setup a free VPN service with 3 easy steps?

  1. Create your account.

First things first, even for a free VPN setup you will have to register and create an account. You will not be required to fill in any of your personal information, such as payment details. Registering an account is simply needed for the VPN connection. Also, this ensures that your VPN provider can communicate with you when there are important announcements to make, service updates to tell or errors to report. A valid email address is also needed in case of a lost or forgotten password.

  1. Install VPN

Once your account is registered, you are good to go and install your new online safeguard! Tutorials on how to setup a VPN software should be easily reached in your VPN provider’s website (FAQ, Help, or Tutorials sections). According to the operating system you are using, choose a guide and proceed with the installation completing everything step-by-step. Rest assured, you will be astonished by how easy the setup of a VPN actually is!

  1. So… how to setup a VPN server?

The good news is you do not need to think about how to setup a VPN download**,** it is there with your app. Now, your VPN software will take everything from there. All you need to do is to launch a VPN application, log in to your account, find the button “Connect” and hit it. This way, you will be connected to the closest and fastest available server. Or, you can choose one of the locations from the country list your VPN provider offers. Once done, you should expect to see the indicator that you are successfully connected. This means, an encrypted VPN tunnel has been established and from now on, all of your internet traffic will go through it without leaving any traces. Congratulations, the setup of your VPN has been accomplished!

Even if the setup of your VPN is only 3 steps away, you may still find the procedure a bit confusing or unclear. No shame in that! A trustworthy VPN service provider will always have 24/7 customer support which is ready to give you a hand and lead through the whole setup process.

Having a hard time picking a VPN service?

If you are not feeling about analyzing the setup of different VPN services, you can sit back and relax. Atlas VPN, a free, trustworthy, secure VPN, that offers all needed features to protect your life online is only 3 steps away! Not only does it offer top-notch security - it respects you as a customer. Your online actions will not be tracked or interrupted with annoying ads. Don't wait, get your online security guard now, and enjoy that peace of mind!

Edward G.

Edward G.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Publisher at Atlas VPN. My mission is to scan the ever-evolving cybercrime landscape to inform the public about the latest threats.



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