3 reasons why personal VPN is the best fit for you

Edward G. | March 24, 2020

Personal VPN, shared VPN, the VPN client, or VPN server - the virtual private network has a lot of different shapes. You can get overwhelmed distinguishing technologies and understanding which type is the optimal choice for you. Allow us to help you out!

Reasons why you should set up a personal VPN server

Setting up a personal VPN at home may sound like a daunting task. Yet, it may be the best solution for people who fall into several specific categories. Here are a few reasons to consider setting up a personal VPN server:

• You want to be the only one in charge of your data. If you choose to use a VPN service, you rely on the provider to route your internet traffic. Of course, a trustworthy VPN service provider does nothing else but keeps your data safe and secure. However, if you find yourself wanting to take full control over your information, setting up a personal VPN server may be the right option for you.

• You require remote access control. Either you need to access your home’s network when traveling, or you own a small business with a secure local network that employees need to reach remotely. If you store any essential files in your home or work system, a personal VPN server is a great choice to access private information securely. Also, if you are a world wanderer and travel abroad often, setting up a VPN for home use means that you can access content that is not available in the foreign country you’re visiting.

• You are the DIY’er, and you have a modest interest in VPN servers. With no doubts, a personal VPN setup requires some technical efforts to establish a secure, private connection. But if you hold yourself as a tech-savvy person, perhaps you won’t resist such a challenge. The hassle and obstacles to overcome make the procedure a great skill test, for sure.

You can choose the easier

If you are not falling under any of the listed personal VPN use cases, fret not. There’s an alternative, straightforward method that can tailor your needs with one simple click. Here are a few VPN software benefits for you to consider:

• VPN software is hassle-free. Other than building your personal VPN server, you have a choice to use the technology which is already tested and completed. The VPN application has a built-in servers list which gives you the ability to connect across all your devices quickly. User-friendliness is what makes VPN software super easy to use. A proper VPN configuration takes no more than installing the software on your device and connecting it to a server. Simple as that!

• VPN software covers you under a shared IP address. One of the most significant VPN application differences from a personal VPN setup is getting a shared IP. In other words, when multiple users connect to the same server, they get an identical IP address. That confounds any efforts to analyze browsing internet traffic patterns on a presented IP. Since a personal VPN server gives you a private IP, it can directly associate your accounts with it. Of course, you might continuously change the IPs to prevent that, but again, that is extra resources.

• Unlimited content anywhere you are. VPN software gives you all the chances to get around restrictions. It makes your IP address located in an area that does not face those content regulations. And since VPN software usually comes with many servers to choose from, you won’t limit yourself with the same personal VPN location. Best VPN for streaming allows you to enjoy free, open internet, and get any content you wish.


Without a doubt, each type of VPN can protect your online presence - it’s about the freedom of choice which shape you prefer. Either you need to get the best VPN for international travel, or try a few different VPN solutions for home, you will always have the ability to pick what is right for YOU. Want to try both ways without needing to buy a VPN beforehand? Grab the free version of Atlas VPN.

Edward G.

Edward G.

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